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  1. Honestly, I would not apologize to her. You have no idea what she is doing. I had a friend who basically was in the same situation as you. They were broken up for over a year, it was amicable as well . She called him out of the blue and said the same thing. He met her to apologize and to try and make things right. But she recorded the conversation and the cops used it as evidence that he raped her and charged him. Just learn from this and go NC.

  2. Agreed, I don’t put any responsibility for the situation on op’s friend, the guy is the one cheating it is 100% on him

  3. I’m absolutely grateful for what I’ve gotten. I just wish I would’ve gotten a few things off the list I gave them over a bunch of clothes and random things like outlet covers and partly used cleaning supplies.

    Also not sure what Ukraine or starving children has to do with this…? I’m not acting like my Christmas was shitty by any means. Also if it makes you feel any better I also volunteer my time at nearby places, like the food pantry, an event we do yearly to give out free soup and sell bowls made by college students in my state, and I even help buy gifts for less fortunate children at my local church with my grandmother. So if that makes you feel better, there’s that I guess…?

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  5. That's just a tiring and endless cycle.

    That's going to take a huge toll on you and, eventually, you'll likely lose who you are. Then that's just beyond over.

    You do deserve respect and your emotions and feelings do matter. They are valid. He's really not caring or hearing you when you express yourself, and just coming up with ways to diminish what you've said. Then he goes into being a supportive boyfriend who “doesn't want you to speak ill of yourself” when he was the one who brought it up to begin with. It's messed up. It also sounds condescending.

    He's not creating a safe space for you to express yourself freely. I think we all should have that safe space with our partners without fearing a blow to our self-confidence, and instead made to feel selfish or wrong.

  6. Yeah, we're thinking about something like this. It's ridiculous, and it's not even a part of the culture. My parents grew up the same way and that was not their experience. It's hot to tell my gf that her parents just want to offload the expenses onto me and they don't care. They don't even try to have a relationship with me either

  7. Cause it’s my wedding too. And I don’t want someone there who’s been with her romantically. There is nothing past that reasoning. I get that it’d be controlling to say don’t ever see ex partners, and so I don’t. But at my wedding? I don’t want to be reminded about her past partners. I definitely don’t want to have to interact with them.

    The difference is her life isn’t mine but my wedding is fuckin half mine you know

  8. Was the pillow given to you by a female friend? Maybe seeing you curled up around it/her made her jealous.

  9. I think the healthiest thing you can do is remind yourself that he is no longer your problem or your business. I find detachment to be the way to go in breakups. While you should still acknowledge your feelings of hurt, relegate him to the “stranger” category in your life, at least for a while. You don’t know him. What he does does not concern you. What YOU do concerns you. So focus on finding things to do that make you feel good.

  10. Wooops reading your post made me realize I forgot some key points in my original post.

    During the relationship she didnt like where she lived and I would help her look at apartments every week, going to showings together, and searching on-line for places.

    We both wanted her to move closer but unfortunately the city we on-line in housing is very pricey and competitive.

    And also, if Im the dumper I wouldn’t expect her to contact me. I mean thats usually how it goes. Plus she couldve already been with someone new, then moved.


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