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  2. They sure can. And how long has he been this way? And how long have you been complaining? At some point the writing is on the wall. I stayed with a partner over 20 years. Despite my complaining, he never changed. But you do you boo.

  3. I’m sorry you’re going through this, but that woman is a leech. Either she needs to get a job and start helping around the house, or she needs to leave.

  4. I'm a casual card player, actually really good at rummy. It's a game my mom taught me and I taught my kids. So family gathering almost always involve some card playing. Just casual fun. We all know the rules we choose to play by. My bf we've been dating 2 years. He's a very serious card player. Gambling is a fun thing he does a few times a year. Anyway my point is my bf takes it so seriously that it kinda ruins the fun for me. I still win. But I don't really enjoy playing with him. So what I'm saying is. Maybe find something you are both decent at to start with. Then at a later date with her full knowledge of your skills? You could play if she's into expanding her knowledge of the game. I know I personally don't want to lose everytime but I also don't want to be given a win I don't deserve.

  5. It sounds like the only reason you’re contemplating staying in this relationship is because you’ve already sunk in 5 years. And I get it – staying together would feel like some quantifiable return on an investment, so to speak. You’ve put in 5 years of love and care into this, and it’d be amazing if all of that “paid off” by having this relationship work out long-term.

    But I’d challenge you to consider that the “investment” here wasn’t ever intended to pay off that way. It wasn’t ever intended to result in this specific relationship being the one. The time that you’ve put in were intended to treat someone you loved well, to teach you how to be a good partner, to bring you happiness as long as it could, and to help you determine what you want in a life-long partnership – sure, it’d be great if you discovered she was that person and this was that partnership, but it was always about the discovery, not the result.

    So your investment has paid off. You fell in love, treated her well, found happiness with her, and realized that ultimately this just isn’t what you want out of a lifelong partnership.

  6. You are 100% right. All the caretaking and physical ailments would be much easier on me if her mood improved. I’m hoping her therapy helps with this and it will get better.

  7. Have you tried talking to him about it? Asking him why it doesn’t happen anymore?

    Honestly, I think you’re right and she took advantage of him.

  8. He's good with his life, owns a house, has passive income, so… There isn't a problem on his end to fix unless he is incapable of paying his bills and the bills he shares with you if any.

    If you don't like his life, then why are you with him?

  9. Break up and block him. He's a pro at convincing you to take him back so you absolutely need to go no contact so he can't do that again. Good luck


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