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  1. If you really thought that was true, she wouldn’t be the one exception to you being OK with him having female friends.

    And if they are such close “siblings” it is impossible that you would have only met her 3 years into your relationship. I think you’re lying to yourself here. Something is not right with their relationship (and with him, generally…)

  2. Not me. My rule is kind of, I can't change anyone, and I am not even sure they can change themselves. So if I don't like them at the get-go, I'll pass.

  3. Bottom line is does she care about your relationship? I think she does because she told you she would cut back on hanging with the group but not cut them off completely. Do you trust her? Do you understand that every guy on the planet could try to sleep with her and it wouldn't matter because she wants you? I wouldn't worry about a guy she only had sex with once. I wouldn't worry about them reminiscing on fun times with the ex. He's an ex because he was toxic. Why would she go back to that when she has a healthy relationship with you? I think you should believe that she wants to be with you and wouldn't cheat on you.

  4. If you actually love her for the person she is, you will get over this pretty quickly. It’s hair. It grows back. And it’s her body. If she likes it, and you like her, you’ll get over it and support her.

    If not….break up with her so she can find someone who does.

  5. Ive been told by someone who knows us both that this seems like a culmination of mental illness, and that he needs help. We've never had a serious issue in all the years we've been together so i have to keep reminding myself that he's wronged me and that i dont owe him help anymore i guess

  6. Your ex isn't really ready to be just friends with you yet. Some distance might be in order for her to fully get into the friend zone.

  7. You just don't get it… He told you not to say anything for a reason… If You being his gf can't fcking keep your mouth shut what makes You think other people will?

    Theres nothing to fix, it's done, he will forever be known as Peter McPegged, unless you can time travel the damage is done.

    I don't care about how You feel or what your fucking intentions were, actions have consecuences and your inability to keep your mouth shut has caused bullying to be added to the list of shit sándwiches your bf has to deal daily… Just one spot below his sister death, he probably Will end up with chronic depression from this.

    Congrats OP, i hope it's a good gift, a watch, pair of shoes hemorrhoids cream, lube maybe?.

    Girl you are NOT ready for a relationship if you can Even do the basics of keeping your partners embarrassing secrets that he shares with You, and just to rub it on some poor girls face when She's expressing how down on her luck she is with her bf, don't even think For a sec You are a good person cuz You are NOT, You may feel buterflies and rainbows on the inside and think that means You are good, but your actions screams you are a thrashy person.

  8. Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. The chemistry is definitely on both sides, we’ve talked about it. I feel protective over her and it makes me angry that she is being mistreated. I don’t want to just cut off all contact because I’ve definitely developed feelings and I genuinely care about her well-being.

  9. Yeah I'm really glad you're reflecting!

    In general, asking someone out should also be a request, not a demand or a trick. Next time instead of when can you grab coffee – which adds the assumption that she wants to go and might make her feel pressured – try asking if she wants to grab a coffee! Rejection will still happen, happens to everyone, but you don't have to be embarrassed by it, I promise it's rarely anything personal. And yeah, don't ever listen to dating coaches.

  10. I know what you mean, in my friends group when I was younger (back when I did drink, sober for i think 13yrs) I remember everyone being pretty tipsy at friends house. I will never forget the house owners GF is sitting between me and him and starts… “heavy petting” us both really passionately and I was terrified and looked at him over her head he was ripped and nearly a foot taller than me, cool as a cucumber, “this is normal, I'm fine, if you're fine” It was more awkward than exciting because she was sloshed but if anything like that happened in my friends group these days I'd fear for someone getting a divorce ?

  11. Nobody does. Because shitty people of this sort of magnitude are thankfully rare. It also would require his sister to be comparably shitty, which makes the math a long shot.

  12. Fuck boy or not. Married or not. The simple facts, as described by yourself, are that a woman you are attracted to has shown little to no interest in you outside of classwork. Take away all other context and that is still the truth you're left with. You are not under her control in her mind, you are an acquaintance and classmate who she can have fun conversations with and who is kind enough to occasionally help her with assignments . There's nothing more to read into here.

  13. You said it yourself – your wife is your best friend. And if she truly loves you, she’ll understand that the moment she transitioned from the man you married to the woman she is today, she was no longer your husband. She became your friend.

    She cannot fairly expect you to go from a physically intimate relationship, to an entire life with zero physical and romantic attraction, that’s not fair.

    She wanted to transition to feel more like herself and to feel happier. You want to seek a relationship with a man for the exact same reason. Telling you that you cannot would make her a hypocrite.

    Surely she understood this was a risk when she transitioned. You can love someone with your entire heart and not be romantically in love with them.

    She can continue to be your best friend and not your spouse, while still honoring and cherishing all you have been through together.

    But why should YOUR entire life be about HER living authentically, and YOU never getting to live another authentic day yourself ever again? That’s no way to online at all.

    It’s time that you take a note from her own book, and change your entire life to make things happy for YOU.

    What does she say when you confess your crush on other men?

  14. He is…aware that most humans eat every day, right? Does he have an eating disorder? This is very bizarre behavior. Tell him to stop commenting on what you're eating, it's extremely rude.


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