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  1. We were at a party with people we didn't know. One guy said a joke. We all laughed. But he grabbed her hand while laughing. So I got mad, we got outside and I started shouting to her “What was that thing with the hand?!” and the host heard me, told everybody and they got mad. It was full chaos, other people had problems to, I wasn't feeling good I wanted to talk to my gf, but she refused and was like “After this situation I think I should choose between the parties and you, i'm choosing you, but after all the bulls**t you did I want to break up with you” we got through it, but it was heavy

  2. The implausible part to me is… what would be the point of such an arrangement? If your partner isn't meeting your needs sexually or you just want more variety and don't think that's immoral, I can see how an open relationship would fix that. You can occasionally have sex with other people and still have a primary relationship.

    If you want kids, most people don't just want to procreate and know they have a kid out there who's not in their household. They often want to spend time with the kid, be recognized as the kid's parent, have a family life with the kid. It's harder to have a primary relationship and then be a secret parent on the side.

    Are there a few people who would enjoy that and think its worth all the complication, secrecy, and confusion for the kid? Yeah, sure. But if adoption is too problematic for OP's husband, he's probably not one of them.

    And it seems bizarre that OP's mom would know half a dozen couples that not only came to this unusual and inconvenient arrangement, but confided in her about it.

  3. You’re in a tough spot. Simply blocking and ignoring won’t work. Try public shaming. Start telling your story to trusted friends and encourage them to share with their friends. Document all the evidence and be prepared to go to law enforcement if he turns up the heat. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Be careful, don’t break the law, but start getting on the offensive.


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