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  1. I honestly had a lot to say about everything individually, and if you ask, I'll certainly do so. The thing is, it all became a moot point when he explicitly told and showed you that he's not going to address the issues. All that tells you is that nothing's ever going to change. Why? Because you've shown him as much.

    You don't sound pathetic. Love is complex. The thing is, divorce isn't your first option. Talking is. You did. Suggesting therapy was. You did and he refused. In saying that, what magic solution are you looking for?

    His neuro issues are a big deal, sure, but they always existed. Also, what makes you think you'll be able to “make” him see a neurologist when he's refused everything else? You're not “easily” giving up. You'd be walking away after taking several measures which have been refused. That's the hard truth. Good luck.

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  3. Absolutely disgusting and immature. Change your sheets it takes 5 minutes. Maybe pull your bed out from against the wall if thatโ€™s why you hate doing it?? I donโ€™t understand what is happening here if you wonโ€™t change your sheets your girlfriend should absolutely break up with you. Not just because you are disgusting but because you are also lazy and immature

  4. I can't believe this isn't clicking for you – stop saying “it's just as likely” – no. it's not – it's possible and far less likely.

    your opinion is a very unpopular one. you will (obviously) have a very nude time finding a partner w an active libido who has respect for your level of boundary around sex.

    waiting for some time to have sex is totally understandable – 3+ years is insane. Do you not see that sex was an issue in the first marriage? completely abstaining because of that is literal avoidance of a mental and/or physical issue.

    No one is telling you what to do or think – we are telling you you're in the tiniest minority, making your choices very odd and peculiar, and inappreciable by most

  5. this does sound crazy but I'm not you, and you have more information then I do. If it was fairly recent I would suggest a rape kit.

    If it wasn't that recent, then idk what to tell you other than to just leave him since you don't trust him. I think you should also investigate internally why you jumped straight to thinking that something like this happened. Do you have anxiety? A history of sexual assault?

  6. being so terrified that you cannot tolerate your partner visiting a city without you does require therapy, though. i guess you missed that part!

    he can prefer rural life. he cannot use his fears to dictate what his partner does, or where his partner goes. it is not okay to use his fears to control her travel.


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