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Birth Date: 1992-07-02

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

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16 thoughts on “Summerfun15live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Put yourself first and move on. This is toxic man. You need to love and respect yourself and leave. There’s no reconciliation here. She is a terrible person right now and you really need to understand that.

  2. My grandma's first husband came out as gay. They divorced amicably, coparented well, and are still very good friends to this day, 50+ years later.

  3. I think being mean to an elderly cat isn't justifiable. He could just pick the cat up and put it down, or maybe make a way so the cat leaves him alone without having to be mean about it.

  4. as well as manipulating his interests to have more in common with me

    this is 1000000% a gtfo red flag. what this means is this guy is a liar. point blank period.

    this also gives massive predator/grooming/ted bundy vibes. like he FOLLOWED YOU TO ASSAULT YOU. let that sink in…

    I feel psychologically manipulated and used.

    you were. your feelings are valid. its time to cut this loose, and move on. i hope this guy isnt crazy, just make sure you keep yourself safe.

  5. I dunno I'm 34 and I think 18-23 are in the same category of young and I wouldn't bat an eye if there's an 18yr old dating a 23 yr old.

  6. you're young and now is the time to learn these things. I dont even celebrate my birthdays anymore. I mourn them.

  7. I don't want to expose too much because I want to stay as anonymous as possible, but there were things like: “good morning handsome”, calling each other pet names like “baby” & “honey”, sexual jokes aimed at each other. But then other messages were “normal” and they were calling each other “man”, “bro”, etc. like how most men I know interact with one another.

  8. She seems like a deeply emotionally immature woman who does not have the ability to facilitate a healthy relationship, and relies on toxicity and manipulation to get her way.

    I strongly suggest you deal with the chaos of a breakup in order to achieve a lifetime of peace with a healthier individual.

  9. Why is a 20 year old in a friend group with a 16 year old? She’s young. Probs not in the age of consent. And your brother is too old to be a creep like this. Tell the girl or her parents if your brother won’t get a clue

  10. Google “Kaplan's Drama Triangle”

    Your “partner” clearly uses it to his advantage to keep you both miserable, and with him.

    He's abusive. It is possible to be abusive and terminally ill. You aren't chained to him forever, and it is ok to leave an abusive person regardless of their health.

    Also- if he negged you “you wouldn't leave me over my health problems, right?”, you aren't actually bound by that.


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