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4 thoughts on “SussanaLopez live webcams for YOU!

  1. But ever since she moved in she's been nagging me about how I dress around the house.

    Tell her to shut up. You did her a favour by moving her and her kid in and she has the audacity to tell you how to dress in your house? It's OK for her to ask for things, but to continually nag you until you capitulate? Um, no, not acceptable.

    We've been having these discussions and small arguments about this ever since she moved in and quite frankly I don't know what to do.

    Tell her she can move out if she has problems with how you dress around your house.

    Seriously. I would look into what your legal rights are in regards to kicking her out of your house. Would you have to give her 30 days notice to vacate? Because it sounds like she has only just moved in and is already complaining about how you live, just imagine how things will be a few years into marriage.

  2. I would your literal piece of shit husband if I were you. The way he freaks out over you not just letting his dukes sit around is abusive. Please don’t let your kids start doing this, they will never find someone to put up with their shit like you have with his.

  3. A lot of men make it really hard or deliberately awkward to say no. I’m 27 and I’m still getting over the feeling of awkwardness and unnecessary guilt when I don’t want to give a guy my number. I think you should give her some slack on this one.


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