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  1. Yes my comment was 100% out of line and I do not know what it’s like to a Muslim or a woman. I was simply stating that it’s not the same thing as walking about top and bar less. That’s disrespectful to Muslim women who don’t wear a hijab because that implies just because they don’t wear a hijab they’re not modest and are basically walking around top and bar less because they don’t cover up their hair

  2. My amazing ex showed me singers and actors that he thought I might find attractive, just to make me happy 🙂 he'd be so proud about knowing exactly what my type is and adding to my Repertoire of dreamboats

    THIS is how a bf should act, just so you know alternatives exist

  3. I'm wondering how/why the dog actually killed the kitten -hypothetically, I don't want details. Depending on the circumstances, in some places that dog would be quarantined and possibly put down, and/or the owner cited. And yet she's blaming you, and crying over why you sent the other kittens away. Here's what you say to her: “GTFO”. Then go back and get those kittens and bring them back to a safe and loving home without a killer dog and its defender. I'm just.. heartbroken for those babies, and the one that didn't get to on-line.

  4. Especially if you know your ex to be a dick it will be for the best to indeed proceed the way your boyfriend suggests. I know the white knight army will soon come here and say how it's never okay to lie, but the reality is some things are more important in life (like the good of the child) and making the child officially your boyfriend's is for the best here probably.

    In a way you are kind of lucky, a lot of women have to do that kind of thing behind their partners' backs and lie to them as a result which causes very unhealthy relationship dynamic. The fact that you boyfriend is on board with this is a huge win for you, I wouldn't waste it.

  5. You look beautiful and he should be proud to be with you. Dump his ass and I bet the next guy will see how amazing you are!

  6. You said so yourself you don't trust her. You said you're paranoid she's going out to the clubs to cheat on you.

  7. Depends on what your expectations are. If you want a relationship of equals where you learn and grow together it’s too big a gap. If you just want sex and to have her show you the ropes knock yourself out but accept the situation for what it is.

  8. Most people's intention is finding someone and later live with them and possibly stay with them for a big chunk of life if not forever. What do you think his thinking would be if he moves out and would that even help anything? I personally don't think cuz he will continue to be his old messy self in his own place unless he doesn't realize that that part of him is something you cannot accept and is a deal breaker for you.

    It's worth for you to realize that you and him are different. You love everything organized and done the way you want but he isn't like that and never will be. Try talking to him and ask him what are the things he doesn't wanna do at all. For me is ironing the clothes. For him might be something else. I get time is a problem but if he has one day off he can clean that day apartment together with you and on other days clean after himself, dishes in dishwasher clothes in closet or washing basket and 10 minutes for every room in a house to clean in. So if you have 3 rooms it's 30 minutes and obviously you don't have to vacuum every day or clean floors. He needs to realize that cleaning isn't naked if you clean everything one time and than just maintain. Give him a month and if he doesn't show any effort in trying to change, that he needs to move out. If not you move out. And that should also be an end of relationship.

  9. She has no incentive to grow, to provide, to exist. She just has you and you're a punching bag. When you step out of line you get kicked in. If you like her you'd let her go.

    If you're both still single in a couple years try again.


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