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11 thoughts on “Sweet_Lollypoplive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Firstly: while, yes there are pros and cons to living with someone, having five pages is a red flag and having three of them being cons is practically a May Day parade in the USSR.

    Secondly: this action, for me personally (male, 27) would make me question if my partner actually loved me.

    Thirdly: I think having children with him is a terrible idea because his actions lead towards the possibility he will have very little, if any, involvement with any future children.

    I would seriously examine the status of your relationship.

  2. Girl why are you with him??? Imagine if you did this? Any guy would find that disgusting and disrespectful. Leave, just leave him if you respect yourself

  3. Thank you. I was waiting for you to grow a spine and either accept that you don't like your husband enough to live with him and get a divorce or start acting like a wife and defend your family unit – which includes your husband. It is your job to manage your parents and make sure husband is treated fairly and with respect (if he deserves so – if he doesn't, you shouldn't be with him). Your dad absolutely is trying to pull power moves which he should not be allowed for him – you should not allow it.

  4. Solo therapy is where you can scream with privacy and get help. It’s where you can say all the things you think are illogical and have a trusted confidant for it.

  5. If you have an iPhone (and I'm sure Android has something similar) make a focus mode for when you sleep that specifically blocks all notifications when he texts you or calls you.

    Also tell him: “Honey, I've been thinking about it, and I simply find it unacceptable and inappropriate that you call and text me to shame me and tell me how disappointed you are in me. You are my boyfriend, not my father, not my parole officer. If you do it again, this relationship is over. If you don't believe me, then by all means test me. If you want to accept every chance for work you get, that's great, but that's your choice. If you need a girlfriend who never turns down a chance for a day at work, then I am clearly not the woman you should be dating. Let me know what you decide.”

  6. Okay, I think the majority here are telling you that you shouldn’t take her back. I’m going to go against that opinion and offer you another option…Not really, bud. If you take her back, she will know absolutely that she can do whatever (do whoever is more accurate), and you will put up with it. Don’t do it. You won’t be happy. At all. You’re just setting yourself up for misery and self-loathing, and in a year, you’ll be posting again about how she’s found someone else.

  7. Sounds like you have friend burnout, like caregiver burnout but your burnt out from emotionally supporting a friend who consistently makes the same bad mistakes over and over again but expects you to be their emotional crutch. Is it a real term, idk but sounds like what you described.

    You can gently tell her you need space or a break or whatever you would prefer to call it because you need to take care of yourself, your own needs, for a while. And, that you'll reach out when you're ready.

    If you find you're enjoying life more during your break, then you may need to really limit the time you spend with her and maybe set a naked limit that you can't listen to her talk about relationships because of the emotional toll it's taking on your own mental health but that everything else is ok.

  8. Copyright will always win in the absence of any paperwork. Every shoot I do has a copyright release that states what I can and cannot do with the photos and who owns the rights to them

  9. It's really up to you. You don't really “owe” her anything, but common courtesy would say to at least give her an explanation instead of ghosting. Just explain how she made you feel and that continuing communication with her is damaging you emotionally. If she respects or cares for you at all she will understand and respect your wishes. If not, at least you tried and it's time to block.

  10. How much longer do you two have to be long distance? Because it sounds like he's no longer in a mental space where he can mentally and emotionally support a long-distance relationship.


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