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5 thoughts on “Sweetasha live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Why not?

    The bf clearly has issues, and his reliablilty as a narrator is questionable.

    Also, it should make OP wonder: they've only been dating for a year, he already cheated on her, and now there are issues with his ex….why would she do this to herself? She's falling for the sunk cost fallacy.

  2. You stayed around probably way longer than you should have because you constantly make excuses or maybe you’re just afraid of change,but anything is better than the life you’re living right now.

  3. It's hilarious how all the replies are “actually I am/know a woman who loves stuffed animals as gifts so that invalidates what you're saying!” while totally missing your larger point that people often receive gifts that they don't want and OP is probably not the only one in this situation receiving gifts they don't particularly care for. You'll notice women are more willing to perform gratitude for undesired gifts than men are though.


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