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12 thoughts on “sweetbarbiedolllive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I would get her some nice teas and a fun tea mug. It’s thoughtful without being too expensive or too intimate. .

  2. That’s almost as bad as buying someone a donut maker for Christmas and telling the recipient to make them donuts.

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  4. “It's hot to believe that people just hand over that shit like that,”

    Oh, my sweet summer child. Not saying she is telling the truth, hut that has to be one of the greatest oh bless your heart moments I have ever encountered.

  5. I can understand when he is jealous, he doesn’t directly tells me “hey I’m jealous” , instead he says “i feel uncomfortable”.

    No, i mean he says that its HIS problem, when i ask him to talk about it with me, he says it’s something he has to deal with it on his own, but he is still somehow stressed out, so it affects me too.

    You think i can’t help? Like, should i let him be?

  6. Going to go against Reddit here. You are allowed to be upset and choose how upset you are, but she is also allowed to discuss her life with her friends. Things that are shared between you are not automatically locked away into a vault never to be seen just because it involves both of you.

  7. After reading through your comments, I might have a small theory on why this is happening.

    Your wife and her family are religious, they don't believe in divorce, so your wife will not remarry….

    ….Do they also believe in no sex before marriage?

    If they do, the. Your previous child would be living proof of not holding to that ideal. That MIGHT be the reason your wife cannot accept your new son into her life (if you can see my logic).

  8. I agree with your last statement 100%. I know I need to sit him down and basically be like “hey, either we need to put a label on this or it has to end” because the absolute mental gymnastics that’s going on is just way too confusing and although I’m not actively in the market for a relationship, I know I won’t even get the chance if I’m not putting myself out there.

    I know it needs to happen, I just don’t know HOW to begin that conversation because I know regardless of how much I don’t want our friendship to be ruined, it’ll probably go 1 of 2 ways:

    We start dating

    Or we stop everything, feelings are hurt and the friendship is over which SUCKS and I think that’s why I’m having a hard time just having that conversation.

    I think having a well thought out “script” in my head would help me feel less nervous about the conversation because I feel like if I just blurt it out it will be the most ungraceful awkward attempt.

    I think that’s just where I’m struggling to figure out what to say and wanted some outside perspectives on if I’m making up his potential feelings or not, as I feel that will for sure swing my conversation points in one way or another if that makes sense.

    Anyways, thank you for your comment I do appreciate your input!

  9. If you don’t want to be with her, then break up with her.

    You’re basically kicking your gf out of you shared apartment and giving her no where to go. That is not how you treat a partner. It’s a crappy thing to do. She has no idea why you are treating her like this.

    If you don’t want to be with her anymore breakup, otherwise your just a crappy bf kicking your gf out.


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