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  1. Being honest, if my girl made friends with a bunch of guys and suddenly stated texting me less. I'd have a problem with it too.

    However his solution is to make sly comments and make jabs at you. Which is probably because of lack of maturity. The actual way to deal with this is to have a sit down deep conversation and get to his insecurity. And then reassure him he has nothing to worry about.

    Otherwise it will only get worse.

  2. I feel like this is a situation where you just have to take ownership. To be honest it sort of sounds like you are the problem here. He has apparently said multiple times that he would like to try to work things out and you said you are finished and frustrated without really articulating why.

    You should work on the mental health stuff before considering to date anyone again.

  3. I think this comes down to how much you know your husband. I could definitely see this as being him trying to make a joke and failing spectacularly. Does he try extra very hot to be friendly with your friends? Is he insecure about them? Is he trying to be as comfortable with your friends are you are with them? If you don't think there's anything between them and he doesn't have feelings for her it might just be a misstep on his part. Explaining he might have gone a little toe over the line should be enough to make him pull back.

  4. Bro fuck these people I have tons of guy friends and one drove STATES away just to hang with me for two days. We have never been romantic and he’s someone I love very much! I cherish his friendship, because that’s WHAT FRIENDS DO!! If it were a single girl nobody would care, men and women CAN BE PLATONIC FRIENDS!!! Idk your whole relationship, but if she’s willing to have you around and isn’t even keeping him visiting a secret, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

  5. Thank you everyone I see that I'm just stupid for thinking she had any feelings for me. It's time for me to just give up

  6. No you leave him that's the way. You tell him you cant handle commitment. Dont need to tell him why. He would be devastated either way so don't bother crushing him by telling him you did and why. If not he is owed a cheat. So hows that feel he could find a another and leave you because of an outlash event? You put the both of you at risk of death.

  7. Friends don’t do shit like that. I didn’t do something like that to my friends when i was 18 because friends DONT DO SHIT LIKE THAT. You deserve better

  8. There was a seinfeld episode where george's gf couldn't get in contact with him to break up , so she told his friend kramer to tell george and to do it at pomodoro where people go to breakup.

  9. I made a similar joke to my bf on our first date. He understood where it was coming from and didn't take it personally. Dating is fun and exciting but there is a serious risk involved there as well, especially for women who date men. It can be tough for men to understand what that experience is like for us, and to acknowledge that, yeah, sometimes these dark thoughts cross our minds even if you're a totally normal and nice guy who wouldn't dream of hurting someone. It's not about one man as an individual, it's about the world we live! in.

    You already did what I would have told you to do, which is explain why you said what you said. Now it's up to him. I would say wait like three days to see if he replies. If he doesn't, follow up with one last message that basically reiterates what you said: “I'm sorry for what I said, I really like you, is there anything I can do to fix this?” And then if he doesn't reply, unfortunately I think you have to just let this one go.

    I hope you can have compassion for yourself as well. Getting close to someone is such a vulnerable thing and it's understandable that that stirs up emotions in you. Be patient with yourself and work on your stuff. No one becomes self-actualized overnight, it's one step at a time and you've already started walking. Good luck.

  10. I’m not talking about being attracted to young girls when I say I’d be afraid to age with him. I’m talking about you having to wear alt when you’re 60 because your husband won’t sleep with you otherwise. If he’s attracted you you, why did he let you not being alt basically end your sex life?


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