SweetTania4U online sex cams for YOU!

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havent squirt in 1 weekk!! help me do itt!! #squirt #lovense #wet #boobs #toy #anal [5989 tokens remaining]

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  2. They're both still kids. She isn't his therapist. She's probably traumatized herself and doesn't know how to deal with it.

  3. I’ve gaged going doing in my SO. Was it her? No. I stuck my tongue out too far.

    Yes it sucks but our bodies do weird things at times. Idk how to feel about his response tho. You’ll need time to come back from this.

  4. Just don’t ever respond. If he talks to you in person, just one or 2 word answers, no emotion. He’ll get the drift.

  5. As a woman who like toys I need to say: what she is looking for with this toy is probably not possible with a human penis (like a length or width impossible or not healthy to have), so you shouldn't be so insecure about it. But yeah, I still agree with other comments here, she was insensible with you and this need to be discussed, especially because everyone knows this is a big thing for a lot of mans.


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