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20 thoughts on “SweetyLindy_live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. You weren't in love. While this definitely stings, it's not the end of the world. Get on Bumble. If all the physical attributes you've listed about yourself are true, women will be seeking you out in droves. Try not to set your heart on someone without being sure of their intentions and feelings as well. You set yourself up for failure.

  2. I don't have to imagine what this thread would look like if the roles were reversed.

    On the flip side, there are a lot of posts in this sub where women are vehemently accused of cheating by large numbers of commenters for simply doing mundane things like taking several hours to respond to texts while visiting family, wearing makeup to work in a professional setting, and simply having male friends.

    I'm not saying the behavior in this post isn't suspicious, but cheating accusations against male posters' female partners is a very frequent occurrence in this sub.

  3. I was looking for your update. Thank you! You sound like a wonderful and thoughtful dad and partner. Given that, I'm sure you didn't relay some of what people said here (“grow up, you're a selfish jerk”) because it would have made everything much worse.

    It sounds like maybe your gf doesn't have kids? The thing no one tells you about being a parent, or dating a parent, is that kids will hurt your feelings pretty significantly sometimes. Your gf feels what she feels and that's not wrong. But as an adult, we can't hold hurts against children if they reacted in an appropriate way.

    It sounds like your gf really wanted to do something special for your daughter, put a lot of thought to it and so was pretty invested in your daughter's reaction. When it wasn't the reaction she expected, it hurt. That's just about humans, not necessarily autistic people, older people or people dating a parent. But it's also just about humans that your daughter wasn't as excited about the dress. Thing is, she expected your daughter to react in a certain way, and your daughter had every right to think your gf would react a certain way, too. Your gf fell short there.

    Hopefully this is a springboard for your gf to better understand autism and stepparenting teens, if that's appropriate. It sounds like she lives there so I'm guessing it's serious? And maybe she can consult with you the next time she's giving gifts to your daughter. The good thing is that she's really trying. And hopefully she conveyed that she won't expect a full band and parade from your daughter next time.

    You're awesome, OP! You cared about everyone's feelings and handled it so well!

  4. Whether he is the bio father or not…he is the kid's dad. What a horrible situation created by two terrible people.

  5. I like tattoos but those sound disgusting and anyone who glorifies violence, torture and suicide is sick.

    You're right to be bothered by the tattoos and breaking up over those specific ones seems like a very valid reason.

    In general, actually, I'd have second thoughts dating anyone with stupid/offensive/pithy/ugly tattoos. Tattoos are a reflection of a person's taste, judgment, and mindset.

  6. She does bed time routine on the days im training. B12 does the dishes as one of his chores.

    She just said she wants me to be here. I asked when, and why. I said what would you like us to do on a Thursday night instead of me training? She didn't know. I asked why it mattered I was out the house in thr mornings when the kids are still asleep anyway? She didn't have an answer.

    Thr only one she could come up with is Sunday she would like to just spend the morning in bed with me instead of me getting up at 6:30. I offered to move training sideways by two hours but that wasn't enough.

  7. Legal doesn't mean ethical. An almost middle-aged person has no business dating someone nearly 20 years their junior; the life experience is incomparable, and 20 year-olds are barely out of their teens. Not all age gaps are inherently predatory, but turning 18 isn't an instant, magical transition to adulthood. 18 year olds are still teenagers for christ's sake, and they definitely act like it, no matter how mature they think they are (or are told they are by predatory creeps.)

  8. What's the point of being with your husband? What does he bring to the relationship? Would you not be better off on your own?

  9. If he wants to have PiV sex, that means she continues doing the treatment that hurts her.

    I think this is where the disconnect is. Him having a desire for PiV sex is not the same as him asking her to continue (which he does and that’s incredibly important to the point you make).

    Ultimately it sounds like he will accept it if she chooses to stop, but refuses to see that she’s trying to ask him for permission to stop. (Bad move, poor emotional intelligence.) She’s not willing to say she wants to stop without reassurance that he won’t resent her for it, but she wants that information to be delivered in a specific way and without directly stating what she wants (poor communication, doesn’t allow for him to be emotionally honest).

  10. Girl, wtf!? I think you need to go to therapy. Why would you allow someone to treat you like this? Why would you want to be with someone that has been fucking other girls for your WHOLE relationship. You’re in your 20s, maybe the best time of your life. Drop this cheating liar, on-line life and meet someone who will respect and cherish you. He’s a douche. He’s not the one. Move on and fix your self esteem. Geez.

  11. 98% of people receiving alimony are women. But okay TiberiusBronte trying to find the exception in this is comical. When you know men pay more.

  12. It was a very odd situation. I can’t figure it out yet it’s too soon I need more time. I haven’t spoken to her since and she hasn’t bother with me either.


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