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  1. I’m sorry.. there’s not much you can do then since he’s unable to get sexual needs met. I think you might have to make sex all about you in the mean time.

  2. Maybe they were talking about SSDI instead of SSI. SSI is less money. Right now it maxes out at a bit over $900/month. That's $900 more than you have now. You are expected to subsidize with SNAP and other relevant programs. If you are able to work using a wheelchair or other assistive device, you won't be determined unable to work, but you may also have some luck looking at vocational rehab. If you have a degenerative condition that caused rapid loss of half of your body, you would more than likely be eligible to go to the front of the line for supplemental income. You just need documentation certifying that you have this condition and what your prognosis is. You may be able to see a state patrolled doctor to help make the determination.

  3. You have right to feel wierd and,/or angry about this. She lied for 12 years and falsely accused someone of rape.

    I think I would find that lie worse than the cheating itself. Its a terrible and dishonest thing to do. Cheating can happen, but lying about something that big for so long? That is an other story.

    At least it seems she is coming around and want to repair things its seems.

  4. I am a CIS M who has almost always had closest friendships with women. Relationships have been established from those friendships. Certainly not always. But anytime I am in an established relationship I feel like I need to put those other friendships on pause, as since the relationship I'm in probably stemmed from one of those friendships it's important my partner knows that it is her and only her I'm interested in. I've had partners who were totally fine with my other established friendships. I've had partners who were clearly hurt they weren't the only woman I considered myself close with before becoming involved.

    I am not preferring you advice. You're married, I'm not, different situations. This is just where I stopped and decided to reply, since ours sound at least in some aspects like similar stories.

  5. I completely agree. She is usually very rational and calm but I think her emotions are getting the best of her as of right now. I may bring up that it is not healthy for our relationship when she does that. Thankyou for the advice.

  6. Tell him you saw the girl and to explain who she is.

    And then is he comes back with some bull that she was with his mate,

    Say well that's wierd because she was sitting next to you??

    Don't let him minimise this,

    Tell him

    ' who was the girl in the video you sent me??'

    Then after he answers say.

    ' I find it very odd she was sitting next to you on the bed, I find it highly inappropriate and it's making me second guess this relationship and you'

    Then don't reply to him and give yourself a few days to figure out what you want… do you want to continue not knowing if he hooked up with her or do you want to cut and run


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