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14 thoughts on “Tamara Rider on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. No he should definitely not move on! You never know what can happen. They’ve remained connected for a reason. They may have to do long distance a bit until one can move closer than the other, but this is hardly a deal breaker

  2. It’s not that serious, my dude. Maybe skip the audio part of the story and let her know that it turns you on when she is more vocal in bed.

  3. Ofc I wouldn’t mind dude, it’s a far that we both will use and it made her so happy and guess what even though the other guy may have more money she’s Still with me , she still loves me.

  4. it's literally the bare minimum assumption to make lmfao she didn't say in the post that he forgets his stuff when he does this, which would be a much bigger deal than him just always last minute partying

  5. maybe meet him first? seems pretty clear he was looking for a hookup, and that was eight months ago. taking a trip together is definitely a “we've been dating for a few months” at least kinda thing.

  6. Your boyfriend doesn’t like you, doesn’t love you, and doesn’t respect nor care about you. Why are you with him?

  7. …..and maybe find someone who cares enough about you to not drive his motorcycle DRUNK while you are in it (or ever).

    This guy is a walking, talking red flag ?

  8. And not once did I see an ounce of care about the sons feelings it was all “what about me” “imagine my pain” “how will I deal with this pain” lmao I can assure you his pain was a lot more worse.

  9. I'm 30. I have had severe ADHD my entire life. And let me tell you… It's not fun.

    Even medicated, I am typically 30 minutes late to anything. Work. School. You name it.

    I've been with my GF for around 3 years now, and I was about 30 minutes late to our first date. The tardiness didn't really cause issues in our relationship. It was the other stuff. Forgetting how much time had passed since I said I would call “in a minute.” Etc.

    My executive dysfunction doesn't care how much I want to be on time. It doesn't care how much I love and respect my partner. I care. But the execution of displaying that respect and love often slips through my fingers. Just like the execution of getting to school on time, despite how important being on time is to me.

    So in short, you're not being petty. But you might do well to consider that he could be fighting an uphill battle. He could have ADHD. You mentioned his “eccentricities” as well, and idk. I'm just getting some very neurodivergent vibes here.

    Also, does he display a general lack of respect for you? Or is the tardiness the only display of disrespect? How does he react when you voice your concerns?

  10. Good then? If someone dumps you because you calmly express reasonable feelings about being blown off then you're better off without them.

    I also didn't say to send it, anything remotely important should be discussed in person.

  11. The writing is on the wall: she is not ready to commit to you.

    In my opinion, you should amicably and respectfully break up (avoid the unkind words, tears and blame) and move to the other city.

    It's still possible she calls you and says she can't on-line without you, but don't count on that.

    Make new friends, date new people. It's a leap of faith: faith that both of you will be okay.

  12. The amount of people here saying she’s embarrassed by you or has an inappropriate relationship with a colleague is insane.

    Not all companies permit spouses and partners to attend work drinks, mine doesn’t.

    Don’t create a situation that isn’t there.


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