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  1. Not including basic info like ages, genders, and relationship length is against the rules of the sub. We're giving advice on YOUR relationship, not just throwing random advice out that you could find on google.

  2. Whoa huge red flags!!

    If he really cared he wouldn't have pushed you into sex so quickly.

    So creepy he's been attracted to you for a long time and you're 19!

    This isn't the start of a healthy relationship. It seems like he just wants to use you as a sex toy.

    I also highly doubt your dad is ok with this.

  3. You have yourself a hobosexual, with luggage.

    It’s not the child’s fault. You also don’t have to be the babysitter. If you don’t want to be the childcare, and he isn’t listening-make plans for a long weekend. Don’t be home when she will be there. I’m sure if he needed to switch it around for himself he would do that…how long have you all lived together? Did you all move in together really quickly?

  4. Women can have children as young as 13. Do you think they're also fully developed? Honestly, in OP's situation, I'd say ride it out and see how they feel in a few more months. But your argument is dumb as hell.

  5. You are not helping. As I said, breaking up is already on the table. I am asking if anyone had a similar situation and something that worked for them. He is quite aware how normal it is. I want advice to give him, about him suffering from thinking too much about this.


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