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  1. respectfully, what the hell else are you going to be doing that is better than fucking the daylights out of your new French bf while you travel around for the next year or so?

    I LOVE THIS I BURSTED OUT LAUGHING. Unfortunately the “bam bam” life isn't going so well for me (it's going well for him). But I definitely agree that Europe has amazing transportation options!

    This is a great list for reasons to stay – thank you so much!

  2. Yeah I know I shouldn’t have snooped and it was a moment of extreme weakness and I wish I never did do it but I got trust issues and I was desperate. I agree she shouldn’t have the list and the ratings but she does and I don’t know what to do about it because I don’t want to confront her cause she’ll know I was snooping

  3. Of course he doesn’t care about the child, he didn’t want it! He’s not your partner, he’s a guy you’ve known 6 months and now you’re going to be tied to him forever. Enjoy!

  4. I think this isn't a hill to die on. She's in another state. Unless he starts acting really suspicious or taking trips to her state, I'd let it go.

  5. I was your age when I got out of a long-term relationship…and the next year I met my husband.

    Do not stay just because leaving would mean that you “wasted your time”. That time was not wasted, it was a learning experience, and a future relationship will be better because of the things you learned in this one.

  6. His family is a little conservative and mine is not. His family is a little more wealthier than mine maybe but just a little.

  7. This isn’t a situation to answer overnight but you don’t have to forgive them right now, they lied to you or lied by omission right in your face for years. It’s gonna take time to forgive and them taking steps to earn your forgiveness or whatever. If it was me I’d bail from that church, fuck that shit, get a different dude or pastors or therapists perspective not someone so closely involved and has a personal interest in this like your current pastor. I don’t know man, but good luck to ya

  8. Just imagine the genders were switched, everbody would scream cops. I think you got your answer.


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