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  1. ok, I just know that he has asked some of our other friends flr advice and such on how to do that and nobody has been able to suggest anything. I've been hoping to find some way to help… for lack of better wording, ease the process for him if that makes sense. we've been close friends for a little over 3 years now and I just hate to see him hurting like this.

  2. I have access to my wife's GoogleMaps Timeline (with consent and knowledge), and I can tell you that it is complete shit. You have to enable viewing raw data, and then only trust:

    · dots that have a small 'accuracy radius' around them.

    · dots that a clustered in the same place over a period of time.

    · take into account that if the person is in a shop/building without GPS coverage or wifi, it may lock onto a house's wifi 30m away instead, and make it look as though they are in that house.

    snap map said she was at a random house while she was supposed to be at work. 6 minute drive from her work so it would be a huge error on the gps's part if it was an error

    I've never used SnapChat. Did it tell you how long she was supposedly in that location for, and how strong/sure the signal was? I honestly wouldn't trust the data, especially if everything is going well in your relationship.

  3. Government benefits along with the the fact that she had a friend who was renting her a 1 bedroom apartment for way below average rent. I was and am still well aware of ehat her financial situation is and was not expecting her to split the bills 50/50 with me. I'm financially sound and capable of bearing the majority of the bills but felt it was fair for her to contribute at a minimum what she was paying to live! in her own apartment towards like the electric or water bill ect. I was super upfront about this before she moved in and she said if I gave her a month to save a little bit and find something part time before starting to help it would be helpful. I said no problem I'll handle the bills for the first couple months but we are beyond that now. And frankly the money isn't the part that bothers me it's the fact that she has no respect for what I do, belittling my job on occasion when she is mad but if it wasn't for my work and savings we wouldn't be able to afford the lifestyle that I've grown accustomed to and that she expects to continue living.

  4. Yeah, sure, depression is a myth and even it was true, people just snap out of it every time. Yep, totally seen it before…

  5. I mean, if your bad math comes out to 1 month minus one week equals one week then your life must feel really long. 24 months a year would be great!

  6. Next time she makes a comment like that, gently explain to her how it makes you feel and ask her not to do that anymore. Then point it out whenever she does it again after that. And go from there.

  7. It's not phrasing, it's the fact that you're married. I've been in an open relationship for years. My wife and my girlfriend get along with each other.

    If I want to date someone new, the first step is going somewhere that ethical non-monogamy is normal behavior because we're not the majority and the margin is huge.

  8. All these unsent texts are very suspect. They could be talking about the kids but it seems like she could be trying to stay away from him to. I think you need to do more digging before you jump to any conclusions even though this sub will be 75% divorce from the get go lol so don’t make any rash judgments without getting more information first. You know your husband and the situation far better then anybody here could. Best of luck to you!!

  9. This family has failed this disabled person. How did they let him reach 30 without even entertaining the idea of what happens when the parents die.

    This whole situation just sounds like BS. Youre supposed to be proactive and plan for this kind of thing and no one did shit. Just lug the disabled person around until its the next persons problem. There are process in place to work with your brother and its otherwordly kind of lazyness to not look into it on the families part.


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