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10 thoughts on “TefyLove20live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Maybe I’m missing something here, this wasn’t like a nude or even in lingerie shot? She was wearing shorts?

  2. Both people have to be all-in willing to try to be the best they can be for their partners or you cannot get through the very hot stuff in life. At this point he should be a better adult person who can communicate and work on things etc.

  3. She sounds exactly like me! I hate small talk over texting and don’t like investing time and effort into getting to know someone over text when we can just meet in person. There are also a lot of men who are looking for pen pals to keep them occupied with no real intention of spending time in person and it helps weed them out.

    I have said that exact same thing to guys so they don’t take my lack of texting as disinterest. Not sure why your friend thinks it’s strange

  4. Honestly this is a tough one because it really depends on what FIL did, how it affects you and what if anything your husband is doing to protect you from it.

  5. This isn't the type of person you will be able to rely on. You're both almost 30. If he can't get and hold a job and an apartment because he's buying weed and fucking off, that is a truly red flag.

    Cut your losses. You'll never see that 1k he owes you, but you can save yourself so much more heartache if you move on.

  6. It is a betrayal because in times of doubt and conflict, instead of turning to his wife and communicating, he went to his ex and they came up with a plan to go behind OPs back and do a test. OP said she would be hurt but wouldn't mind doing a test if he came to her.

    When in times of conflict you turn to your ex and do something behind your SO back this is obviously a betrayal.

  7. Honestly, this guy isn't worth anymore of your time. Don't waste anymore energy on him, just be thankful you got rid of him when you did.

  8. You need to sit down and have a talk with them about this. As a fellow stoner I know that while it’s nice to have a smokey evening, there are times where people can rely on that too heavily. That being said your journey is your journey, but your partner might be concerned about you heading down that path. Sitting down and reassuring them or even just laying everything out in the open would probably help towards getting to the core of this issue.

  9. I’m the four years I’ve been with my partner you know how many times I’ve been interrogated? Zero. Zilch. I’ve been in your shoes in the past and trust me even once or twice is 1) abusive. If you’ve given her no reason not to trust her then she’s just abusing you and 2) Your daughter needs to be away from this behavior.

  10. he's definitely the jerk for that particular moment but like in usual reddit fashion based on one example they are completely going in on him but i wonder has she done this in other ways the've may have pushed him i tried to look at both sides before giving advice


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