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18 thoughts on “Templeofthenymph live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. Yesterday I was crying because I missed the cat I had for 20 years who passed 3 years ago. I literally have 2 tattoos for her.

    Break up, she’s a monster.

  2. No phone that I know of automatically deletes texts and GIFs even when storage is maxed out. Snapchat is the only app I know that automatically deletes messages and that’s an app. Pretend you are okay with this Ashley coming around. Take a day off of work without saying a word. Leave for “work” as normal & then come back and check on the house.

    It sounds like he’s cheating.

  3. Did not get him anything till he can tell you what he wants and expects from you for a gift. He needs to work on his communication with you and he may have an underlying issue that may be causing this issue that doesn’t involve you or his feelings for you.

  4. I had a terrible case of lice that wouldn’t go away with anything I did. In the end a hairdresser friend bleached my hair blonde and that got rid of them quite an extreme move but that along with hard washing all my sheets, throwing out my pillows and steam cleaning the carpets got rid of them

  5. I just feel too overwhelmed at the moment, and took a break because I felt uncomfortable even talking to her.

    Maybe it's too fresh or maybe it's just me being a coward, but I just can't deal with it now. I feel really like shit doing this to her because I knoe how invested she is in the relationship. That said I won't end it right away, she means too much for me to do that I'm just feeling pessimistic on recovering after this, but again maybe it's too fresh

  6. OP you should dump him because love isn't transactional. I do nice things for my husband simply because it makes him happy and vice versa, not so I can have something to hang over his head for future favors. Keeping score like you're bf is doing becomes exhausting for you. Everything nice he does for you has you thinking wow I wonder what crazy thing he's going to want me to do? Does that sound like a good life? Get rid of him, he's trash.

  7. Same goes for the male side. Deep down they know the truth and decide to lie to themselves. If you let people lie to you. At least don’t lie to yourself as well.

  8. I recently moved from one state to another 1500 miles away for college in order to have a fresh start and create new opportunities to be the person I want to be. I have been very particular about who I let into my circle with this new chance at life.

    Well you let some guy who creeps on girls just becoming adults. Seems like he lacks a lot of maturity.

  9. It is probably how a woman with hairy legs or armpits would be treated. If anything, we should feel bad that people are assholes.

  10. She sees everything as hers. I pay for everything. Her home repairs, etc. I can do these things. It’s a choice, but the only thing I would expect in return is common courtesy.

  11. Yeah he 100% sleeping with them, or at least getting favours, I.e blowjobs ect.

    He is highly inappropriate and disrespectful to you and your marriage, I'd pack a bag and leave if I was you, also get tested, god know what these women have.

    He won't get a new job because he gets sex.

  12. Stop the pick me and return in kind. Leave him a note asking WTF. Then leave him out of your day to day until he talks or you find info from snooping.


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