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  2. This sounds ridiculous but I have no idea what to do for the holidays. My family aren’t approachable enough to explain we’re not together.

  3. Insecure much? Drop the attitude b fore you Gf realizes that she could do better than a man so emasculated by money. Instead of supporting her now so she could feel safe next time, you're bitching on Reddit about it.

  4. I would talk to him. I have had issues with truancy in the past with jobs because I have clinical depression and if my job is awful, it makes it so much worse.

    Right now my job is pretty good with callouts due to weather (my boss would rather I be alive) or illness (I get really bad migraines so dealt with that last year). I am also a union steward and always tell other people if they are having severe misery in their current role we can move them around or get them some help. As I currently am, I rather enjoy my job and get a good amount of satisfaction from it.

    I would not come about it as an accusation but as concern for his mental/physical health and career goals.

  5. I appreciate your points greatly, took me a while to work out I was as straight as cooked spaghetti myself; but the OP states, “She was afraid that if she admitted to not liking sex, I wouldn’t want to be with her.”

  6. This is my third comment. I read through many of the responses, and they all are encouraging you to leave and destroy your family. If you are actually in an abusive situation that is the correct thing to do. If you are not in an abusive relationship and the both of you are just exhausted, sick, and worn-out things can and will get better. All the advice seems to be trying to protect you but destroying your family as recommended by the majority because you are out of sorts at the moment is probably not the correct answer. Sounds to me like both of you need to take a naked look at what you really want and how much effort you are willing to put into your family and making it work. Kind of an old-fashioned idea, like standup and fix things vice running away. I will tell you that this site is not the place to get the best advice. Go to a professional counselor. But in the end, it is really up to you weather you want a family or not.

  7. Thanks! We’re actually pretty successful and have been with many women together! And it’s definitely not every time, just something we both enjoy! I really appreciate the support!

  8. You mentioned that you've already had sex with him.

    He's not interested. His needs may be getting met elsewhere.

  9. Talk to her and next time at least compliment her and do the explaining well before shit go this far. You're not in the wrong for any of this but next time you know what to do

  10. I would never say that to my guy friends about their girlfriends. I have too much respect for them, their partner and their relationship. I guess this is where we differ.

    Clearly OP isn't okay with it either. And it's not an unreasonable thing to not be okay with.

  11. They’re not right. Self-esteem issues will be a problem in every relationship you have if you don’t get it under control. Your boyfriend can support you, but ultimately this is something you need to overcome on your own. Is he actually not over her or could that be your insecurity causing you to think that? You say he wouldn’t have broken up with her, but many breakups are one-sided. People move on anyway.

    In many ways, self-confidence is a choice. The choice to love yourself. The choice to realize that you really are smart, talented, kind, or valuable in any number of ways. It can take a long time to get yourself there but a new mindset is what a therapist can help you create for yourself.

  12. I agree with the other commenters but I was also wondering if there’s any chance he might be attracted to any of your friends? Sometimes (mean & immature) people get meaner in front of people they like, idk why they think it makes them look better.

    Also (unrelated to my previous question), what do your friends have to say about it? I get that they might feel weird “getting in the middle” of you guys but I think if I saw this interaction I would text my friend after being like “it wasn’t cool for him to say that, is everything okay” or that type of thing


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