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  1. You're probably right – also within that “3.5” months he was out of town for 3 weeks and then I was for 1-2 weeks. So maybe it's not enough in person time yet?

  2. Yes but given that she’s not even 12 weeks yet and he’s already dating someone else (after being split for only 3 weeks) I can understand her concerns.

    He can date who he likes but she does not need to get to know them and she does not need to agree to having them around her new born baby.

  3. You are in a tough spot.

    Either: They are a clique . They see you as an outsider and it seems like they won’t let you in.


    They and you don’t know how to make conversation. Ask them about themselves. People love to talk about themselves. Read current news or trendy stuff before going to the party so you have things to talk about.

    Practice your small talk , and pick a few topics you can talk about while at the party.

    Read up or watch some sports. Talk about World Cup .

    Then in conversation with people talk s out your GF , how you met, how she has been the best thing to happen to you.

    They know her so there’s your common interest.

    And besides, they are going to tell her how lovingly you speak of her, and you are going to get a lot of points.

  4. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    My bf and I broke up in August. Friday, the night before Christmas Eve, he texted me and we talked a lot of things out. Said we both missed and loved each other and wanted to come back. He said before I make a decision, he needed to tell me that he had slept with another girl during the breakup and got her pregnant (assuming it’s his). In the past, I would have given it no thought and just said hell no to be in a situation like this. But I said yes and that we would figure it out. It’s still a lot for me to process, but he didn’t cheat, was honest with me, and he wanted me to know before hand rather than try and hide it. He was honestly surprised I took him back because he had wanted to try again for awhile, but held back because he was beating himself up so much over the situation and thought I’d leave him for good. He means the absolute world to me and I just knew he was the one the night we met. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. But I just can’t shake the feeling. Not even about the baby, about the girl. I’m honestly happy for him about the baby (even though this was definitely not the way I planned it and how soon it is) because he’s always wanted kids and I’m possibly not able to give him any due to my endometriosis. It hurts a little knowing I don’t get to experience this with him, and instead he’s experiencing it with another girl. And my main problem is the girl. I know she means nothing to him and their plan is to co-parent so they have to talk, but I feel like she talks to him more than she should. She posts and tags him on Facebook like they’re together and it was planned. She posted a huge announcement for the baby that she already gave his last name. And as I said before, we’re not 100% sure that it’s his. I don’t want to come off selfish, but I’m not sure what to do or how to cope with the girl. It’s a lot to process still, and I know he needs to be in communication with her, it just really bothers me knowing he has to stay in contact and have some sort of relationship with a girl he slept with. Please don’t comment anything rude saying I need to leave him or he’s a piece of shit, because as I said, he didn’t cheat on me. I could really just use some advice to help me through this and kind of ease my conscience

  5. Ngl OP as a life time dog owner having had a pervert pup or two in my bed during sexy time I laughed my ass off when I read this.

    I guarantee you the bf probably just didn’t think anything of it and there isn’t any ill intent behind it.

    That said, it is also a perfectly reasonable ask to have no pets on the bed while y’all go to pound town.

    Depending on the dogs behaviors it may take some adjustment, but often times (especially if a dog is snoozing like this one was) they are half asleep enough they will just continue snoozing wherever you put them (like a bed/crate/both). If they don’t then a bone to chew or some other item to keep themselves occupied (but nothing that makes squeaking noises cause that’s a bit distracting lol).

    Bf might push back a little bit but if y’all are in a healthy relationship a simple, “I would prefer the dog not be on the bed while you are inside me”. Should suffice. If he continues to push or ask why stay firm. Don’t bring up any of the ex gf stuff, just say it’s a preference he should respect (as he should). If he gets defensive and weird about it, then maybe has some other issues surrounding the whole dog situation idk but as I said this is a perfectly reasonable ask and one he should respect without pushback.

  6. I think ultimately that’s where all of this is headed. I’m just not ready emotionally to give up yet. I am still holding onto the hope that he’ll wake up.

  7. I have been tested and I am clean. Thankfully. The thing is I want to run but I can’t. I feel like I have given up if I do run without trying to talk and handle the situation.

  8. I don't disagree. But immature isn't sinister, and that's the impression “ulterior motives” gives.


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