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  1. what is the purpose of this post

    Since you were 14 you have slept with a lot of known garbage and enjoyed sex

    you are not wife/relationship material for someone

    why is it hot to understand

    Find someone who cares about you and keep doing your job.

    You said the guy is already someone that many girls are attracted to, why does it bother you that he thinks most of the alternatives are better than you?

    are you a narcissist?

    stop harassing the man

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  3. It’s awful to hear that you’re going through this but I’m glad that you’ve already started proceeding through the proper channels to protect your baby.

    Remember to take some deep breaths. A lot of it is biding your time but make sure she doesn’t go anywhere with the baby on her own either. You just, “wanna have some good dad to baby quality time so mama can rest!” Don’t do too many nice/out of the ordinary things.

    If she looks at your phone take the photos off of it and put it on a USB and hide those. Make a new email if you have to sent them to yourself on google docs. Just in case she snoops on you. Make another USB to give to your lawyer as a back up.

  4. Give your boyfriend a new nickname: “Single Guy.”

    He’s wrong for not listening to you. He’s wrong for being so consistently disrespectful to you.

    Set yourself free and find someone who actually likes and respects you.

  5. But it's not.

    When I was younger I dated older. Now that I'm older my husband and boyfriend are younger. Hubs by 5 years bf by 12. We're poly and life is pretty dang good.

  6. This would be grounds for leaving,

    Honestly I'd either ask him to leave or you leave.

    He does know why he did it, he just ain't telling you,

    Maybe he can't act a certain way with his ex when you are around.

    I'd dig more and say him not knowing isn't good enough and it's making you have doubts about him and this relationship, so either he tells the truth or you will be going to stay with family.

    He knows why he did it.

    There nothing wrong with you honey and everything wrong with him


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