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  1. I think I missed all the tiny red flags that my husband saw, which is why I didn't see this coming.

    Why tiny red flags? I get your point of view about everything but clearly you missed ALOT of things about the relationship from Sage and Rose over the years… you even said it your self… all your family seemed to knew about it, you maybe was trying hot to not see it.

    Theraphy and I hope you can get past this and not lose your family.

  2. You are fucking up your kid more the longer you delude yourself that this marriage can be resurrected. It’s too far gone. She doesn’t love you anymore, and she sure as hell stopped respecting you ages ago.

  3. Yeps this is a common theme with people telling their s/o's what happened I've had my fair share of opening up about my sa's and having to manage the other person

  4. The funny thing is if your father and stepmother had just respected your feelings on the matter and not forced the issue, there would probably have been some level of acceptance by now.

    These people don't know how to talk with you as an adult human. They talk down to you, seeing you as (just) their child. Until they can actually have a mature conversation with you on your boundaries I don't think anything can be fixed. They are the ones who need therapy.

    I think you're entirely in the right here. However, as you said yourself, you're not even sure you know who they are any more. If you were open to at least talking to them again one day, I would set out (again) what you would need from them if they were to come back into your lives. If they can't do that then they can't be in your life. And for the love of God, set a 1-strike rule. Don't let them take advantage of any goodwill you have.


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