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  1. The more you understand your feelings and why you have them, the more control you have over them and the more they help you. The less you understand them, the less control you have and the more they can mess things up. So to understand your feelings, therapy can help, or if that’s not an option google how to increase emotional self awareness and start working on that.

  2. Grooming involves pushing boundaries and preparing someone for a sexual relationship…not just being Internet acquaintances. I have no idea what the nature of OP's conversations with the other person are, but nothing I've seen indicates grooming. That said, any pushing of sexual boundaries, flirting, etc., could indicate an interest there.

  3. Social media influencers are as real as reality tv stars. She needs therapy if she believes all that is real. Do you know how many influencers photoshop the picture they post. Go to YouTube and look up Charlotte Dobre. She has great videos about influencers lying and photoshopping their photos

  4. And that's exactly what lands you in jail and ruins your life. All for what? A woman? He has is own child from a previous marriage FFS. He should have thought of her. Anger is all well and good until it makes you do something stupid and lands you in trouble. He never had a police record before but now he does. For a very stupid thing. What good is that? If he had maintained composure and calmly called the police to say she spat on him among other things, it could have been her going to jail that night.

  5. We have 0 context to know if it's true or not.

    Either it is or it isn't.

    We don't know which it is.

  6. IF, and that's a big IF, you did this to yourself. You groomed a teenage boy then abandoned your son for the person you groomed. You also lied to your son constantly. Good for your son for getting away from you. I find myself wondering how many other friends of his your tried to groom before you accomplished your goal. You're probably the reason he had no friends. They were probably all disgusted with mommy dearest trying to get into their pants while they were trying to hang out with their friend.

  7. Just fyi that you might know already, but the hormonal IUD can basically stop all bleeding. I still get PMDD and occasional cramps but that’s it. I have the Skyla which has the lowest hormones of all IUDs available.

  8. After reading that the trio lives 8 hours away, I think it’s pretty safe to say that gf really didn’t think she’d see them again. Even if that weren’t the case, I don’t agree that not mentioning it is a red flag or deal breaker. Sometimes you hear someone is interested in you, but it doesn’t matter to you or register really because you’re unavailable/uninterested and you laugh it off. I’d give gf the benefit of the doubt and assume she just brushed it off and didn’t really think much about it and that’s why she didn’t say anything to OP. Doesn’t sound like she’s ever given OP a reason not to trust her so while it’s something OP wanted to know, it’s understandable that she didn’t bring it up imo. I think it’s pretty unreasonable to expect the bride to “punish” the trio or the friend. It would be nice if she’d said something, but I think that’s an unfair expectation to have of someone who is in the middle of their own wedding. Anyway, I don’t think gf had any bad intentions but sounds like they’ve talked it out so I wish OP and gf well!

  9. I know that your situation is difficult but it is important that you try to plan an escape. The issue of the apartment he wants to buy under your name and this betrayal indicate that he may not be a good person. Try not to attach yourself to him any more than necessary so that you can leave as soon as you can. Don't become a hostage to circumstances.

  10. I feel like this is the only rational comment on the entire thread. I don’t feel like anything here indicated anything other than some heavy flirting.. which it sounds like they agreed is ok in the relationship. People on here are so god damn dramatic


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