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  1. Maybe try to tell yourself something else about this. Like, changing your perspective from “I don’t like people seeing her body like that” to “yeah look all you want, she’s hot and she’s in My bed” lol it sounds silly but it’s a real thing! Changing your mindset maybe could help. Because I agree with the fact that you met her and she was already like that, she probably has a bold personality that matches her style and maybe that also was part of what made you attracted to her? ?

  2. I’d do one gathering per family. If he wants to go see his mom more, he can go alone. That’s too much running around.

  3. Lol just leave your current boyfriend so he can go find someone who wants to be with him. You have already decide in your own mind that this is a decision so might as well let your current boyfriend go so you can go back to your ex and he can go find someone that won’t waste his time love and energy.

  4. He's not perfect. He's predatory.

    He's not just old enough to be your father. He's your manager.

    “Personality” is not a green flag. It's been six-ish months. Anyone can keep up a nice guy front that long. BEHAVIOR is where you look for red or green flags. And his behavior is all red.

    You are being foolish and thinking like a teenager. Which is pretty normal because you're a teenager. He should know better though. And he probably does, but can't give up the ego boost of a young hottie on his arm.

    You probably will not want to believe this, but if you pursue a relationship with him, he will use up some of the most important years for your growth and development in early adulthood, make you miserable, and eventually this will crash and burn. Because you'll outgrow him. Or he'll find a new and exciting source to boost his ego. Whichever comes first.

  5. Just send something upfront like “hey, I think you’re really cool and have been enjoying the last month we’ve been talking a lot. Noticed you haven’t been that into it the last couple of days, are you just busy or not feeling it?” Or just try and organise a date and see how she responds. People get busy, so give the benefit of the doubt for maybe a week if you like her, and if you’re still not getting any energy cut your losses.

  6. Did you save everything? I'd ask your lawyer to start filings ASAP to ensure he doesn't try to abscond with your kid.

  7. That's the thing. I don't like MYSELF. I want to change and need advice. I don't think it's incompatibility, I don't laugh with anyone enough, it's a me thing. I want to be that person, I want to have fun and be goofy, and I just don't know how.

  8. Bro she cheated on you basically right after marriage and she didn't cut him off obviously, he messaged her on her birthday 3 years later. That's nothing you randomly do if you didn't have contact for that long time.

    I really think you know what to do here.


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