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  1. I make a bit more than twice what my wife makes and mine is a quite physical job. We split our bills based on what we can each afford and the housework is fairly split. That is how a good relationship should be. Not necessarily 50/50 all the time but a fair split based on what you each are comfortable doing. I do not like doing laundry and she does not really like to cook so guess who does each of those things – lol. The split is not based at all on money.

  2. He's manipulating you emotionally. He doesn't want to leave because he's too comfortable and he knows you'll let him stay.

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  4. So I am going to tackle this in two parts, as I see two distinct issues at play here:

    First is freeing the nipple and being topless. You are perfectly within your rights to go topless at the park if you want, now that it is decriminalized. You can and should be able to do it. Your body, your choice.

    But he is perfectly within his rights to say that that behavior makes him uncomfortable, and he express that you need to choose between a relationship with him, or engaging in the behavior. Setting aside the ethics of whether whether it should be the case, boobs are still highly sexualized in society, and are still seen as intimate. As things stand now, it is not normal to go topless at the park. This combination would make a number of people uncomfortable.

    You two are fundamentally incompatible here, and you need to decide if it is more important to go topless or stay with him. Only you can decide which way to go on it.

    And if that were the entirety of the story, I would say neither of you are wrong. That you two have a fundamentally different view of the world, and that happens. If it is so important, so be it. But that is not the case, and that brings me to the second issue to discuss; how you both handled it.

    You seem to be unwilling to see his side of this. You are acting like he is sexualizing you and forcing you to be someone else. In reality, he grew up in a society that sexualized boobs, and he is struggling with that. And you are treating it like a personal attack, instead of the personal vs societal conflict that it is. You straight up admit that he has been generally supportive of you, and if this is the first issue you have had, then he really isn't doing much to control you; claiming he is controlling what you do with your body is a tad over the top, don't you think?

    And he is not much better at handling this. He is literally crying over this and attempting to manipulate you. He is repeatedly threatening the end of the relationship, while repeatedly crying about how he doesn't want it to end. He is playing games with you.

    Frankly, you both suck. You both suck at communicating, especially with regards to your emotions. This issue could so easily be resolved if you two had an honest, mature conversation wherein you two tried to discuss why you each have this feelings, and what boundaries may or may not be appropriate. Instead, he breaks down crying, and you feel the need to double down.

    You both need to take some space, take some deep breathes, engage in some serious introspection, and decide how to best convey your emotions to each other without devolving into a fighting mess. Maybe neither of you have the maturity to be together, or maybe you just need some time and space to put your thoughts together.

  5. Please leave him now, he’s preying on an insecurity you have and he will keep doing it and until he breaks completely.

  6. Lawyer first & foremost. You are vulnerable and need to get your ducks in a row.

    Seeing your kids at weekends for quality time is not the end of the world, it gives you the advantage long term unless you re-marry and have another kid./step kid. Its easier to be the good guy when you are not in the daily routine.

    If you don't make the mistake of remarrying fast and introducing step kids etc your kids will want to live with you when they are teens.

    Going forward I sugest somthing unusual but very effective for long term happiness imo. Move next door to any new partner you find as early as you feel you can. Moving in and merging households is a gatway to hell. Sexy times , love & respect for the “lady” nextdoor however is heaven for all parties till the kids leave home. Being nextdoor means you can commit to the new person quite quickly with minimal financial or emotional risk.

    No women will feel slighted if you want to be near her early in the relationship but if you leave it too late and she'll expect you to move in. No kids have to share space with steps.

    Once you are next door there is really no need to move in together and its easier to get away if the relationship goes south.

  7. I don’t think that’s very good advice just to drop an issue in our relationship. Communication is important in a relationship and I have a right to talk to my partner about things I want out of it. I never said I would disrespect his boundaries- in fact I think I stated quite the opposite. Perhaps I might have been looking for how to deal with my abstinence on a personal level. Or maybe advice from somebody in a similar position

  8. Don't settle for this. He is telling you that you will never get all on him. He is using you for sex, what he can get from you, but he doesn't care about you. You can do better.

  9. I’m a nurse and when I get an old married couple I like to ask what their secret is. One guy told me that throughout the entire relationship will be times where you will be able to give more to building the relationship and there will be times that you will be unable to assist in the building and she will have to provide the support. The main thing is understanding your low ability times and letting them know you appreciate them and also realizing when your providing more support and never holding it against them. Seriously sit her down and tell her everything you posted. The fact that your thinking about this shows how much you care and appreciate and if she loves you the way I bet she does that will be also she needs. That or maybe a back or foot massage.


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