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  1. One time, my fiancé and I were just fucking off as usual, being dumb and joking with each other. I was sitting on our bed and he was standing next to it. I put my hand up “boy, please” fashion teasing him for something he’d said, and he tried to playfully smack my hand away, but he caught me in just the right way and hit my hand harder than he’d intended, and accidentally ripped an acrylic nail off.

    I went into our bedroom to check it out in better lighting. My thumb was turning purple and bleeding a bit from the nail being wrenched off. It hurt like hell. I came out and he was crying because he felt so horrible that he’d hurt me. He apologized a million times, told me he’d pay to have the nail fixed as soon as it healed (and did), and has never joked around like that again.

    My point for telling you all of this is that it worries me that he caused you an actual injury (sprained ankle) and still doesn’t seem to take you seriously. I understand if it was an accident, but even accidentally hurting my spouse would make me feel like absolute garbage and have me making absolutely sure I didn’t hurt them again.

  2. I’m not even sure but this is something only a professional can handle. He is almost your stalker and it seems to have calmed him down because he knows everything but this cannot continue.

    Did he even get therapy?

  3. She needs inpatient care. She's getting worse and all of this waiting will not help her. She needs to be committed ASAP. She can't live! with your Mom because she has her own mental health issues and is homeless. She's in no position to take care of herself let alone your sister. See about getting her committed. Tell them you're unable to care for her. They should take it from there.

  4. You think it’s acceptable to have a GF that would go, otherwise you would choose someone you feel more comfortable dating.

    You aren’t forced to date her. Pick someone that reflects your values.

  5. The dinners weren't a date, but I'd expressed interest in dating her a number of times and she knew I liked her very much. The problem I had was with the conflicting messages between her words and her opposite actions over time, which left me feeling used. Not clarifying that she was dating someone for the first time since I'd known her compounded that.

    She also has OCD and anxiety, which I suspect muddled communications a lot. I want to get my point across on feeling used, but without digging any deeper, for her sake and mine, and to move on.

  6. He doesn’t have good qualities. If he’s this controlling. The ‘good qualities’ is just damage control to make you stay for how controlling and nasty he is.

  7. Follow your gut feeling or make it as clear as possible to her that you are only interested in a relationship and leave it at that. If, however, you know for sure that she has no interest in you whatsoever, then I believe it's best to go no contact and to act as if she doesn't exist.

  8. I wasn't referring to age. I agree they are too young to be married in my opinion. But I know 15 yr olds more mature than 40 yr olds.

  9. I wasn't referring to age. I agree they are too young to be married in my opinion. But I know 15 yr olds more mature than 40 yr olds.

  10. If it's OK for him to talk about you like that, would it be OK for him to talk about your daughter that way, even if you don't have children together?

  11. She shouldn’t be upset about loosing those people. They AREN’T friends. I know it sucks and hurts now, but all the “friends” I lost along the way have only been for the better. I lost a small group of friends and was devastated, but it turned out to be the biggest blessing. I didn’t realize how unhappy I was before with them and how they tore me down. How I was oh staying friends, because I had known them for so long. I’ve met a new group of people and I’ve never been happier. The people I’m with now lift me up and make me better.

    I’m sorry this happened, but she deserves and needs better.

  12. That isn’t a reason for him to move….you’re both too young to move 100% for another person. You were in California for more reasons than just him. You had lived there before and you had family there. It sounds like he has zero connections to Virginia other than you. That is not a good enough reason for a teenager to move across the country.


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