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  1. In the right relationship you won't be playing games about acting masculine and doing stupid things like creating artificial distance with your partner to manipulate them into chasing you. I get why you said that, I get where it comes from. I think that I can understand your feeling and frustration. But what you said is very manipulative and quite dark. If that's the relationship you want to have, one where you are in control and you emotionally abuse your partner to keep her trapped with you. Then by all means continue, but I don't think that's what you want.

  2. Bravo on your self awareness. It’s great. Take a deep breath and practice some cognitive therapy. Slow down and enjoy the process of a relationship. You’ve got this. ?

  3. This is manipulation, he wants to “keep you on your toes”. He thinks you'll do more for him, be more submissive, insecure and anxious if you think he has many other options in the world.

    The best thing to do is tell him that he is free to take up with those women as you are out.

    Or – you can reply back: Jim at the gym, Barry at work, 3 guys from college are still circling. Give him your list of “options”.

    It could be possible that he is just clueless. A lot of guys are. He could have just been talking out his ass.

  4. Look, at the end of the day, even if you care about someone, you can't compromise your own mental and emotional health for theirs. Like the old adage “you have to put on your own oxygen mask before you can save anyone else”, when it comes to relationships you cannot be in a healthy one if you prioritize them over yourself 24/7.

    There is no good or right time to break up with someone, and he needs to handle his own mental health. It is not your responsibility, or your fault if he resorts to self harming because you break things off. You aren't bullying him, you aren't being cruel, you are simply making the best decision for yourself. And hopefully, he will start making the best decisions for himself once he is past the grieving stage. You aren't his therapist, and the kindest decision you can make for yourself and him is to not continue putting either of you through a relationship that isn't working.

    Best of luck to you.

  5. That makes 0 sense. If she were making it up to ruin his relationship with his dad, she would've started making accusations. All she's said is that she's uncomfortable being around him. OP has already expressed that he believes his dad may have done one of the three things I listed. It says a lot about his dad’s character.

  6. Who said anything about breaking up? is it this Subreddit's tendency to villainize and misconstrue arguments to make the poster look like the bad guy?

    I can't control my reaction to it. I wish I could. And no matter what I still love them, and I'd probably be willing to put up with this one difference. I think every couple has one or two seemingly insurmountable disagreements that they find work-arounds or compromises for.

    I'm simply asking for advice to help out with this difference.


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