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  1. Right? I get some people are ignorant to money struggles but this is beyond ignorant. OP explained it, it’s not like he can’t comprehend, he just doesn’t care and thinks she should work more shifts later to pay him back. I’d be questioning more than Christmas plans.

  2. yeah I am just confused why she is still being so passive aggressive towards me and just cant be happy for me.

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  4. your mental health is more important than a chump


    Life is tough enough, you don't need this Ahole to put you down. Unload the dead weight.

  5. I’m sorry but I wouldn’t marry a man who is not enthusiastic about marrying you. Like this would be a dealbreaker for me right there. He doesn’t sound like he even wants to marry you and only agreeing because you pressed on the matter.

    And don’t get me wrong marrying doesn’t equal love but considering this is something you’ve always wanted and he does not then you two are on different levels in your life goals. It doesn’t really matter what your family thinks or says, it’s about you being with a man who just doesn’t care enough about being married to you and doesn’t want to pitch in because of that. This is like only one person getting married for themselves while the other is tagging along because they have to. And unless he makes no money at all and is struggling it is very much unfair to expect you alone to cover the costs of it.

    Please reconsider. This whole thing sounds like a bad idea. You deserve a man who would actually want to be a part of your wedding.

  6. Do you want to risk him finding out from the boss or a third party, making it seem like you were hiding this from him, making you look guilty? Or do you want to get ahead of this, be upfront and honest, and control the story now?

  7. Yeah……she really didn’t own up to it right away. She was at the start of trickletruthing “she kissed a guy” her friend busted her when she told the truth that they were making out and would have been hard, doing the nasty if she hadn’t stopped her.


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