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16 thoughts on “Theiconicone online sex cams for YOU!

  1. I don’t rly believe this story. But I want to. And I also want you to keep us posted because this is some juicy shit.

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  3. Hence why I said it's a nightmare to undo. But if it's no biggie to you then just go for it and enjoy your divorce in a few years, marry the next guy you meet after that and divorce him a few years down the road too.

  4. With some of these situations, you can tell why people need a little advice. Then there are the ones that you read that makes you think ‘what the fuck? This is definitely a what the fuck one. Run away!

  5. Good for you; you are certainly not overreacting. Yes, it is her special day but it is also yours. You shouldn't have to put up with something that might make you uncomfortable if it can easily be avoided. I don't know what she is thinking because the song isn't even a part of her or impactful for her like it is you. It's not like she is doing you a favor because you clearly don't want it. If she can't respect that wish, more time to contemplate the relationship might be the best thing.

  6. I sympathize, but you are enabling this behavior. Take a step back. Be done- both with drinking and being at the pub- when YOU want to be done. Do what you want while she’s hungover in bed.

    She’s not going to change unless she sees consequences for her actions.

  7. Does anyone here have an iPhone? You can turn your off tracking by pressing one button. Just turn it off and tell her you don’t want it on again. You like no one knowing where you are.


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