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  2. So your father doesn't like your husband because he never saw him clean with with his own two eyes, because your husband was doing it while your Dad was out of the house? And when you tell him that your Hubby cleaned, your father calls you a liar. Did your Dad like your husband when you were dating? How long did you date before you got married?

  3. You’re interpreting things in a very negative way.

    I meant sense of self as in her sense of self, no where did I ever say or imply that meant her place in the relationship?

  4. Personally, I couldn’t do it. What if y’all get married? Imagine the wedding. One of them giving a best mans speech in front of your grandparents? Yikes.

  5. It’s the same as the “girls should wear bra’s (under their shirts) around the house” logic that sooooo many redditors Love to defend.

  6. Sorry bud, you have to accept that ending a relationship is an emotional thing. It should be for both of you. You don’t get to cancel her emotions cause you don’t feel like hearing it. I guess your option is to ghost her, but that’s a pretty garbage human way to do it.

  7. That's what I figured he wanted when I saw your original post. Good for him. You can both move on with your new families and close that door. I hope you respect his wishes and don't contact him. You made your choice over and over again, you need to live with it now.

  8. You could have skipped the first paragraph and just written the last sentence. There is no excuse for her behavior.

  9. Oh, the term I borrowed from a YouTuber I follow (⁠⁠﹏⁠⁠;⁠) it's not originally mine, I'm sorry if it was a bad term; I just got used to it (⁠・⁠–⁠・⁠;⁠)⁠ゞ I don't have a bad time about talking about it, but I don't know why I got used to actually say the term “that” with him, and not sex.

  10. I think that we can't make any conclusion on both studies. These are just stats and don't show any causation. Just because men or women sre statistically are more likely to leave during or after those events doesn't mean they leave because of those events.

  11. Yeah I understand but I want answers from a male perspective. Getting an explanation rather than someone just leaving helps an overthinker. I will definitely move on and it actually helps.

  12. There are men out there who will appreciate you for your beauty. Your “boyfriend” should be an ex and he treats you this way so you'll feel too low to leave. Fuck him, he's horrible. You deserve 1000x better.

  13. I'm gonna get downvoted for this but does she actually like that stuff or are you just getting her generic woman gifts? Like the jewelry you get her, is it her style? Is it generic stuff like gaudy hearts or costume jewelery? Does she wear jewelry? Maybe she is giving you paintings because you give her basic feminine interest gifts that a lot of women don't actually like receiving. I could be way off, but I also could be right.

  14. Girl, if you have to hold up in your room for 5 hours until he calms down, you have a lot bigger issues.

  15. My ex did this kind of shit. A year and a half was what it took for her to wear me down to a husk of my usual self and then she cheated on me anyway. Don’t stick around, it won’t get better, and she’ll use all of your reactions to her behavior as excuses to be even shittier.

  16. Even if they didn’t sleep together, it’s a massive breach of trust to share a room and not mention it to you even once. Which suggests he knew you wouldn’t like it and felt that lying to you was the best solution.


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