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  1. Why should he do more, when you let him get away with being lazy and cheap?

    In other words, he's to blame here, but so are you. You might be better off breaking up and finding a female roommate.

  2. No, but Christmas shouldn't be about expensive presents. It's the thought that counts. Write a beautiful letter or write a card and tell her how much you love her. Maybe, if you have money, buy her flowers or her favorite candy?

  3. His “roommate” is his wife, fiancee, or girlfriend. Or they're at least sleeping together.

    First of all, he's too old to have any kind of roommate. So he's too old for you AND he's a loser.

    Second, he's too old for you.

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  5. Grown ass man needed his daddy's help to calm down after being told that it's bad for him to abandon his kid?

    That's even worse.

  6. Would you say the relationship she’s in is a serious one? That I was indeed used or it’s to flame her ego and now she can have sex with this dude get him attached and string him along after the honeymoon phase

    I went no contact with her and I’m deciding not to talk to her ever again. She still had access to my hbo max, game accounts, and knows me on Snapchat and insta do I block her on all of these?

  7. “I can't call the cops because he's sleeped over for more than 3 days straight and in their eyes, he lives here”

    … is this actually a thing where you on-line? It wouldn't be where I am.

    He's been freeloading for two months and he gets made when you ask him to leave? He's a selfish jerk.

    Change the locks when he's gone, don't give him a key, and move on with your life.

  8. Not sure what specific advice you're looking for. It sounds like he broke up with you, and it's over.

    The only thing I can tell you is you needs to block him everywhere then maintain zero contact in the future. This is the only way to deal with verbally and emotionally abusive individuals.

    You shouldn't tolerate anyone speaking to you in such a way, once it becomes clear it's a pattern of behavior.

    Although he's trying to not communicate with me so aggressively,

    25% less of a large turd sandwich, is still a large turd sandwich.

    In a healthy relationship there's zero name-calling.

    he has been quite cold and hostile at times which he's apologised for

    This is called pouting and sulking instead of choosing to discuss the issue.

    but sometimes it makes me think how can he truly love me if says horrible things.

    The guy doesn't even like or respect himself. Much less love you or anyone else. You can't really love other people to any great degree if you don't respect yourself and don't really love yourself.

    If he had the capacity for self-respect he'd realize that cartain things are beneath him. However his aggressive, immature, and hostile attitude is a direct reflection of the hostility, disrespect, and immaturity that is constantly present in his inner dialog.

    For example, I have some on going health issues which I was worried about. I wanted to talk to him about it and hoped he would help me feel better. But instead he was cold, told me go to the doctors and stop whining.

    See: low capacity for empathy/ poor empathy skills.

    He then said if its meant to happen it will happen

    Meaning he doesn't give a damn but wants to give you a false sense of hope so you keep neurotically orbiting around him like jupiters

    When I said this, he flipped at me. He called me a fucking fuck and asked told me to shut my mouth aggressively.

    Given that this is a discussion about marriage plans and the, this alone should cause you to Nope the hell out. If he isn't capable of taking about the relationship future in a mature, respectful, and honest way.

    I was super hurt when he said that and told him I no longer want a proposal especially from someone who's going to tell me to shut my mouth and be so rude. He told me to fuck off and blocked me.

    Sometimes the trash is nice enough to take itself out.


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