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  1. So, what is it that your girlfriend has done wrong, exactly? Having feelings is not a conscious process that requires your agreement to develop. She ended having feelings for him, doing nothing more with him and reporting to you while proposing that she quits her job to deal with this issue.

    What problem do you have? Most people end up having crushes even while in relationships at some point. It does not mean there is anything wrong with the relationship. It just comes and goes. Besides feelings, in this case is not even love, but barely “attraction”.

    Throwing away your relationship, because of this, is the single biggest mistake you can do in your life.

  2. Approaching guys is fine.

    Giving people a chance is necessary.

    And examine your expectations on a guy and consider whether they are realistic, and consider what are you bringing to the table in a relationship. Don't be a “nice girl” that wants a well endowed, athletic, submissive millionaire, but brings nothing but a high school diploma, trashy looks and the refined manners of a Trailer Park Barbie.

  3. Are you in any kind of therapy? Have you gone through any kind of rehabilitation for your addiction?

    Maybe it’s not an apology you need to give them, maybe it’s a show of gratitude for their understanding of something you did at one of the lowest points of your life. Can you offer to send them out to dinner together or get some flowers. Ask them if they are in a place to be a able to explain to you why they forgave you.

    You sexually assaulted somebody, it’s a very hard thing to comprehend and move on from. I can’t say for certain that you’ll ever “get over it” but you might be able to use your shame and regret as a big catalyst for positive change.

  4. I don't think you are wrong to feel this way. You need to express this to your girlfriend, and let her know that she needs some emotional dependence.

    Either it being a phone call to a friend or family member, a therapy session, or you getting a night alone. That is a lot of pressure for the both of you to be under constantly.

  5. Then why don't you join in on the activities? Instead of it coming out as controlling, it comes off as trying to have shared interests, and you can beaver damn her from trying anything. She will get the message eventually.


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