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  1. I see people talking about postpartum psychosis and it very well could be that. Buuuut, has anyone in her family ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia?? I’ve heard of meds especially adhd meds triggering it in some people. My grandfather has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and certain meds send him over the edge and he thinks people are living underneath his house and flying down from the trees into his house. Also that he has worms in his gums. Now knowing what we know he’s on different meds and obviously he’s still a schizophrenic but it’s no where near as bad thank goodness. He even shots holes in his doors and underneath his house. I would definitely make sure she seeks help because it seems pretty bad. I would be afraid that she could hurt herself or you and your child. I’m not saying she would do that but if you care about everyone’s safety that’s the best thing to do. At this point you might have to have her involuntarily committed to be evaluated. It’s easy to think “oh they would never do that” and you’re probably right but she’s not herself and her believing such delusions could put everyone in serious danger if it ever turns violent.

  2. As with any infection – ask a doctor – as this is an infection that can be dormant for a while, perhaps years. Having said that – go back and retest. She should go back and retest. Then show each other your results – you want a paper result if you can get one.

    No it's not something she could pick up from her sisters clothing – but nice one throwing her sister under a bus there. It's actually that comment that is most concerning.

    As someone else said, have you had antibiotics for any reason – because that would kill it in your system.

    Is this the first time she's been to the gynae in 3 years? If she'd gone and been tested as part of her regular visit in the past, it seems unlikely it just was dormant and became active now? But that's an ask the GP question.

    I guess you don't live together, or see each other just about every day or she would have come home to ask you if there's a reason she tested positive. I would want to see my partners reaction to judge is they cheated/look like they're being honest.

  3. My trauma with this didn’t start with the first boyfriend, I failed to mention that all men in my family have cheated including my father, which at a young age already felt like he cheated on his family if that makes sense? I understand and know that the guy I dated doesn’t represent the whole male population and of course I know not all men cheat, perhaps the way I worded in the title made it sound that way but it was just a rhetorical question. Dealing with that from a young age to then having my first boyfriend ever cheat just intensified how I viewed (most) men.

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  5. That's a start. Unprofessional opinion by someone starting a psychologist program, but you might benefit from medicine. Or extensive therapy. Probably both.

  6. Yeah, I've worked in those types of jobs in my early adulthood and being high is probably the only thing making it bearable. That said, OP shouldn't want to be with someone who is high all the time. That's not a healthy person. He's right to be concerned.

  7. But what if your partner decides to do a bad, like a really bad goatee? Is that a dealbreaker? 😉

  8. im neurodivergent too but what you gave was not a solution, it was you putting all the responsibility on him, he wants to feel wanted which is why he wanted you to initiate

  9. I'd stage all the evidence on his pillow, be gone when he gets home to find it, and block him on everything.


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