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  1. You should leave and let your gf find someone who loves her. You two are young and its ok to Fall out of love when your not married and have kids.

  2. …and when it fizzles again, what happens? Another open relationship?

    It's clear that ex-bf isn't your cup of tea. Go find the guy that you don't get bored of and your problems will be solved.

  3. Like my previous gf kept telling me: “open your mouth”. And she wasn't being flirty, just that I kept assuming or not communicating things that should be communicated. Nothing is ever, ever by default. If you didn't speak about spending NY together, the verbal contract doesn't exist and making presumptions is a fool's errand. Tell her you want to spend NY with her, and if she's busy on 31st, maybe you can celebrate together later.

  4. She did the right thing. As a woman, I would never get together with a Republican especially if the Republican is as bigoted as you.

  5. This is why you don’t move in with someone at 6 mos. Most people don’t show their true colors until 6-12 mos especially when you are rarely spending time together.

    I think you’re just going to have to be straight with him.

    “Babe, I care about you and want you to be happy. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and want to continue this relationship.

    I enjoy our dates and like spending time with you. Lately though, I’m feeling kind of overwhelmed and smothered. In order for me to stay mentally healthy and happy, I need more balance and time alone or doing my hobbies or seeing friends.

    I know you’re kind of lonely as you don’t know many people here yet but I think you need to get out there and try a new hobby or something and make friends. This is your home now and you have to put some effort into meeting people. I can’t be all of the things to you.

    Moving forward, I hope we can find some balance so both of our needs are met. For example, if we’ve just been on a date, I don’t want to video call right after. I want to visit with my sister or relax and unwind. And I want to make plans with my friends at least once a week so I don’t lose touch with them. How do you feel about that?”

    And all that said…you also have to remember that you have to compromise a bit which may mean you don’t get to spend as much time with friends or pursuing hobbies as you did when you were single and before he lived with you.

    What you’re describing would drive me bananas. I dated a guy like that and it was like he just didn’t want me to have ANY alone time at all. He wanted to join in all of my hobbies and with friends and had nothing of his own to occupy his time. So we broke up. But he didn’t live with me so it wasn’t complicated.

    My current partner and I live! together and we have a date night each week, eat dinner together most nights after work too. But I have my hobbies and friends and so does he. We don’t spend every moment of free time joined at the hip.

  6. Also I would bet he fully intended for the other friends to cancel that night, if they were ever even invited. He planned this, it was no 'accident'

  7. I feel like this is a story about two women married to two jerks. Tom is a cheating jerk, Sami should leave him immediately. Meanwhile Mark appears to lack any sense of compassion and that might just get worse over time. You can't let him make this decision for you. You supporting a friend is not something he gets to chastise you for. Either he loves an trusts you or he doesn't, and if he doesn't, and leaves, well, that's his choice, not yours.

  8. This was very helpful, thank you! I tend to jump towards fixing everyone, but you’re right that I can’t and it isn’t healthy.

    I do think he’s been trying to get to the root of the insecurities (finances, appearance, etc) and make some changes, but gets discouraged when none of the situations making him insecure seem to have improved very much even months later. Or, they have improved, but he struggles to see it.

    I’m not sure that life coaches are very common in the area that we’re in, but that’s something I hadn’t even thought about that would definitely be worth looking into, thank you!!


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