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5 thoughts on “Tikhomirov

  1. I agree with this. Adding to it, our time is used differently. SAHP don’t work a 9-5. I could definitely be caught on the couch in the middle of the day. I get all my tasks done ultimately. The idea that people with office jobs don’t get distracted by their phone is comical.

  2. Have you looked into BPD? I’m reading through your other posts and I know you’ve considered him being a narc, but the way he treats you seems like BPD to me. Both are B cluster disorders.

    I also wouldn’t say he is grey rocking you. I think he’s purposely not answering. The same as how he quit eating the food you cook. Stonewalling is a common BPD tactic.

    You shouldn’t subject yourself to this, you deserve better. You can try talking to him, but be prepared that he will gaslight you. You can look into r/raisedbyborderlines for some support in dealing with BPD.

  3. Yep, she’s moved away to live her life, whatever she wanted to happen in LA didn’t end up happening and now she’s hit 30 and wants her old life back. I’d be super fkn cautious

  4. I think if someone tried this with me I would laugh in there face. I would remind her don't touch someone's stuff if you don't like your stuff touched. Then I would strongly consider consoling because her insecurities are ridiculous and will be a problem your whole relationship.

  5. Honestly .. as soon as I saw the title I had to say something .. girl if that were my man he’d be gone … even if I was dependent on him .


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