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  3. Time to put on your big boy panties and just pop the question. You've waited so long the surprise has lost it shine. Cath her off guard on a date night and get it done, or quit stinging her along and end it if you aren't up to the task.

  4. Honestly OP, I hate to tell you that as another person of color…

    Reddit is composed of mostly white users and this will just prove taxing to explain the levels of self-loathing and pain inflicted by decades of being ”the other” to.

    I’m sorry that you’ve gone through this, that you’ll still go through this, and that it’s naked for people to consider that you’re trying to preemptively be a good father by not wanting a child to suffer in the ways you did.

    I don’t think your post was a mistake. It’s more like this post is challenging for people who’ve never dealt with racism throughout their lives; to fully comprehend. As it’s not something that can be empathized with by a population that has been systematically broken down since childhood like yours or mine.

    Please take care.

  5. Since you’ve already talked to him, I’d recommend couples therapy. If he doesn’t want to, let him know you’ll leave.

    I’m a dude who’s clean because my parents weren’t. Cleanliness has gotta be something a person wants on their own. Maybe if he knows you’ll leave him, he’ll clean his act up…literally

  6. You want to talk to him about it? Because you like drama? The same reason you posted it here? Can’t think of any other reason. You would actually look better if you ghosted him if those were the only two options.

  7. I do this all the time with my 8 and 11 year olds. It works really well. Maybe OPs husband is just less mature than a child?


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