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10 thoughts on “TT-Fayelive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I would absolutely not attend. The way they treated you was gross and unfair and meant to make you feel left out. You were a child; you deserved (and still deserve) so much better.

    The Christmas gift part was heartbreaking. As an adult, I am sure every single adult will agree with me that we understand WHY kids don't get us gifts. Not only that, but you have to be incredibly mean-spirited to purposefully not get one child a gift, and then force them to watch other kids open theirs. It actually makes me sick to think of how that must have made you feel and I am truly sorry that you had that experience.

    If you feel like you should do something since things have been better lately, maybe send some (non-expensive) flowers and/or a card saying that you are sorry for their loss. But don't go above and beyond for people that never did a kind thing for you when it mattered most. And made you feel like an outcast on top of it all.

    I don't blame you at all for not wanting a relationship. Your stepmom and dad treated you horribly, and even if they have grown since then and want to be there for you now, you don't have to let them. They had a chance.

    To summarize, don't feel like you owe them anything or have to do anything on their behalf. Only do something if you WANT to. You clearly don't want to go, so don't! And you should absolutely not feel guilty for that. Sending a card or flowers might be more than they deserve, but I understand if you feel like you should do something small.

    Wishing you the best, OP.

  2. I mean, do you actually want to be friends with someone that sexually harasses your boyfriend? She rubbed your insecurities in your face and made public unwanted sexual advances on him. Your poor boyfriend must feel so uncomfortable.

  3. Yes, this is breakup worthy.

    No, it's not fatphobia.

    he has an eating disorder, and until he realizes that and chooses to get help – nothing you do or say will register with him. Every time you say something, he'll lash out like he has already done.

  4. It isn't your place to forgive, she is the woman and you are a male, and therefore she is free to do as she pleases and did nothing wrong. Just surrender to her and everything will be easier from there

  5. It might be worth it to look into Delta 8 products, if available. I would get SO sleepy with MJ to the point it wasn't enjoyable or sustainable. I found a D8 that gives the relaxation without the sleepiness!

  6. The older you get the more you realise most men don't see women as people in the same way as they do other men.

  7. if i’m being really honest with myself i think i’d want to date him. i’m just scared that we’ll break up and ruin our friendship, he’s such an important part of my life that i’m scared if we properly date it’ll screw everything up.


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