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Birth Date: 2002-12-23

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

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Subculture: subcultureStudent

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  2. I'm a little concerned that you let this get this far and you're asking for advice here. This is a no-brainer. Get rid of this a******. Quickly. Also get yourself in therapy and find out what's going on that you would allow someone to treat you like this for so long.

  3. If you feel it's necessary to. Otherwise, just leave her alone. You aren't obligated to be attracted to trans people but it might make her less inclined to be authentic in the future because of fear she's being judged and rejected for living her truth.

  4. He's trying to baby trap you stop having sex with the creep that's what you do. If he's saying that he would get you pregnant to lock you in that's what he plans on doing listen to him he's telling you that he is a POS please listen

  5. I like this but I would improve it…”I found you sexual conversations with (name). You are in violation of our prenup and I will be invoking through our lawyer. If you want to stay in this relationship you will pay per the agreement without argument and you will enter counseling immediately. “


  6. I would 100% reach out to this other woman. She sounds cool based on her messages. She's trying not to cause drama and your DH is fishing around for emotional reassurance from her and she's like k thx bye let's keep focus on the kids energy. Something happened. I would call her and get her on the phone so that it's not in writing. Say you know that she cares about your kid, and can she please have mercy on you as kid's mom and tell you what's going on? Promise not to reveal that you talked to her, this is just for your safety and understanding of your marital issues. It may be as simple as him making a crude comment about the way she looks or something sexual but I would 100% want to know and your husband is not being forthright esp with all those goofy messages

  7. I could not agree more! I don’t know where this whole idea that unwavering trust should be handed out like breath mints idea came from, but it’s unrealistic and foolish. It’s as bad as this new wave of ideas that all insecurities and jealousy are inherently the same and evil and to be stifled even at at the price of own emotional well being and healthiness. Trust is something that is earned and cultivated as a relationship develops. With a faithful loyal partner the same level of trust you have for them two years down the road should be stronger than 2 months into a relationship. When you have a partner that decides to prioritize another man or woman over you, spent lots of alone time and sleep overs with them, that shatters the trust that was earned. Trying to hold on to trust the person destroyed in the first place is a fools game. They broke it, you lost it, it’s up to them to either work very hot to re earn some back or get lost.

  8. Yeah, and I worked there a bit longer than her.

    What kind of behaviours do you think is okay to call out and how would you confront her?

    The things that annoy me are speaking over me while I’m talking to customers, staring at me while I work, grabbing things out of my hands, scolding for not doing things her way, pointing out “issues” in my work, being passive aggressive, and bossing us around while she isn’t doing anything.

  9. you have a job. he is an unemployed mooch who wastes $300 PER WEEK OF YOUR MONEY THAT YOU EARNED on his “allowance”.

    who told you that you're not sensible with finances? who said he is sensible with finances???????? he's a bum!

    “I'm not sensible with finances like him.” If Ben is the person who told you this, he is negging you. Negging is when a narcissistic person hurts their partner's self-esteem by making “small” comments to wear down their confidence in order to make them easier to control. It's a form of abuse.

    If Ben said this to you, he is probably abusing you.

  10. Yeah, he should've at least waited a bit.

    Fapping off in the next room while your partner is actively having a miscarriage is pretty damn insensitive.


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