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4 thoughts on “V A L E N T I N A live webcams for YOU!

  1. Also important to note though that it can take trying a lot of different meds before you find the right one and they come with some nasty side effects. I have tried quite a few but the pain hasn't gone for me and the damage I have is quite bad.

    Personally I sometimes think saying the right meds will make it all better (not that you are saying that) can lead to false expectations as every case is different. Also, in my case, the NHS doesn't fund some of them. I have had to try every option for a minimum of 6 months before I could switch which also takes time. If humira doesn't work, I am out of options via NHS. Not sure how it works elsewhere. Plus a long wait for appointments – my every 3 months is more like 9.

    Plus, just for funsies, having one auto immune disease means you may well get another, as I have. Which starts the whole merry go round over again.

  2. I have yet to come up with a great way to mention you'd really like to have sex with someone else, other than your SO.

    You.. don't. You're allowed to be sexually attracted to literally anyone. If you're in a monogamous relationship, you're NOT allowed to act on that attraction. That includes asking your SO for permission to act on that attraction. That falls outside the definition of monogamy.

  3. I've only stayed friends with exes I didn't have feelings for. If i was wanting to give the relationship an honest chance, I would because that person's insecurities would be something we work out together. If i didn't care one way or the other, no. It depends who matters more. I wouldn't have personal one on one contact with the ex but they'd have to give some serious valid arguments to give up all my friends. I would only do it if they were willing to do the same for my insecurities. That's just me and ik relationships aren't easy and requires same effort from both.

  4. Also being with my boyfriend has made me a better person. He encourages me to study and follow my goals, and we both make time for our friend sand keep our lives separated.

    IDK that seems really healthy to me. It seems your roommate is jealous, it could be because you are spending less time with her or because you have a successful relationship and she doesn't.

    To be frank, you want someone that roots for you when good things happen to you and she doesn't seem to be like that.


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