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  1. She cheated on her fiancé with you….why would either of you think that you'd be faithful to each other?

    While they were together we were faithful, I think. And the question was raised, the answer is “It was just because to fulfill unfulfilled needs”.

    It's a bit too late for that.

    I know.

    Srsly it's time to be honest with her, and break up to work on yourself.

    That is what I fear the most.

  2. Your dick, your decision, just like, if there’s an embryo in her uterus, it’s her decision. She now is blaming you for a lack of assertiveness BOTH of you have had for the past year and a half. That’s not emotionally mature. It’s time to stop discussing this outside of couples counseling.

    “Clearly you are mourning what-ifs. I cannot support you in that outside of professional therapy.”

    Also, as the daughter of a dad who was the 7th out of 10 sibling, and a mom who was the 2nd out of six sibling, and I am the first of five, six kids is more than enough. The kids get lost. I was never diagnosed with BiPolar Disorder, Depression, ADHD, or fucking cancer because there were too many mouths to feed and appointments to go to and activities, and my job was to be the second mom. Because my mom, while incredibly unselfish, was growing and nursing new little people until I was 14, and my dad was working and walking to and from work b/c we only had one vehicle, and serving in our church, and doing extra jobs.

    People who have a lot of kids and react the way your wife reacted when they can’t have more are selfish. They are not having kids to carefully rear a special individual, they are having kids for validation/importance/spectacle/religion/etc.

  3. Yeah – also the fact that she knowingly could have passed you an STD for five years. How does that feel knowing your wife put your own health at risk for her own selfishness? She’s scum.

  4. An ex would threaten suicide every time I didn’t do what he wanted. Would scream at me in bed, hit me and it only escalated.

    he did this entirely to make me do what he wanted. Else he would die and it would be my fault.

    None of it was my fault.

    None of this is your fault.

    You are not a puppet master. Please, get therapy and realise that you’re in an exceptionally abusive relationship.


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