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  1. 3 – Have an actual conversation with your gf about your financial goals as a couple and arrive at a ring budget.

    Honestly it sounds like she’s more annoyed that you keep dragging her to ring appointments and then changing your mind on the budget. Which is just wasting everyone’s time and getting her attached to rings she won’t get.

    And good lord, always come into a high-pressure sales environment with a plan.

  2. Same here! We are a package, if one is not invited that means we are both not invited and will not attend. If one does not like others partner, we still invite them, but its up to them if they want to attend.


    you got a TOXIC one too. shes mentally abusing the FUCK out of you. She wont have sex with you because of “TRAUMA” but had NO PROBLEMS screwing that other dude? FUCK THIS RELATIONSHIP

  4. ATMs? I swear lmao. When a girl is truly after a man with money it isn’t because she wants a $30 meal. If you think spending that little makes you a victim of gold digging you have no idea what that actually entails. You also probably shouldn’t worry about it at all because if you’re stressing over one meal, you’re not the type of man a girl like that wants anyway.

  5. Who said he isn’t letting her? She’s perfectly capable of going herself if she wants to. A lot of women travel solo. Even married couples.

  6. If it's not something that she wanted then she wouldn't have asked for it. Nobody was forcing her and you even told her that you DIDN'T want to have a threesome especially with your best friend.

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  8. Yeah, it's on you buddy. You voluntarily accepted a cheater back, and now you're suprised that she's going to…cheat?

  9. Yeah but the real question is should I tell him the truth or is it okay if I just cut it off without saying anything or make up an excuse? Haha

  10. No, I am referring to your wife and her friend developing feelings or wanting to have more sexual experiences with each other.

    It happens. Often. People don't think about these things until it's too late.

  11. I’m guessing that your pastor, while is doing his job, probably also doesn’t want word to get out that his nephew had 2 children out of wedlock with a married woman.

    It wasn’t just a one time mistake, you have TWO kids who aren’t biologically yours and their sperm donor is very involved in their lives. Both him and your wife KNEW that neither child is yours, basically that’s paternity fraud. But if you do divorce, you might be on the hook for child support since you’re on the kids birth certificates (I could be wrong, depends where you are).

    Your wife is only sorry because she got caught, she never would’ve told you herself and would’ve definitely kept the affair going.

  12. Try following up with that person in email, first. Or, if they have a contact number, give them a call.

  13. That is lovely. But it is also not a competition. Your husband can be a fantastic father and you can also be a fantastic mom.

    If he wanted to listen to a podcast during his turn with the 4 month old, no good dad points would be deducted.

  14. That is what I did after he told me what he did, I looked it up. And the first page that came up want not a business page for that particular massage parlor, but for a site called “rub maps” (?) which indicates where in a particular town one could go for a happy ending or more, along with reviews for the specific women. It was super weird to see. I had no idea that was even a thing. He and I had talked at length about all of this since then. He has since started seeing a therapist, he seems genuinely grossed out at his own actions as well.. but I do know it takes time to cultivate genuine change, and I want that for him, but that is his path to follow at this point.

  15. Please be careful. No one starts out a relationship with hitting for one thing (as I'm sure you may know based on your history) and not hitting you is not the gold star you think it is. It is the bare minimum to be humane. I'm sorry for what you've gone through, but you need to recognize that your normal meter is off and you are not equipped to recognize dangerous behavior.

    You are worthy of love. You don't have to take the first guy who says your cute. You are worthy of a good partner. It isn't your fault and does not say anything about who you are and your worth that the man you married abused you.

    You sound like you are very vulnerable and jumped very quickly into living with someone you barely know. Keep in mind people are on their best behavior when you are getting to know them. The ugly side of people takes them to come out of its there.

    You have put yourself in a very vulnerable position with someone who is using language (beta and alpha male) that is associated with toxic and abusive men.

    I hope you think about all this. Please do some reading. “Why does he do that” is a good place to start. See a therapist if you can. Even live! therapy. You don't have the tools right now to protect yourself but I am proud of you for seeing the warning signs and seeking out advice. It is a very big deal that he is presenting these toxic views and calling himself old fashioned.

    Old fashioned is never a good sign to me. Women in older times had a rough hand delt to them. It used to be socially acceptable for Old fashioned men beet and rape their wives. Women in older times were not allowed freedom to choose whatever path they wanted. Old fashioned Women were treated in misogynistic and sexist ways, given less free will.


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