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12 thoughts on “Veruzca27 live webcams for YOU!

  1. Don’t bring a Rose, if she wants to meet at her place, means she’s potentially down for sex, a Rose isn’t gonna set the right vibe for that. Save that Rose for Valentine’s Day

  2. Well you could definitely tell him your discussions with him are about work, or whatever the situation is that brings you two together. The point is, he is obviously is not taking your hints that you're uncomfortable around him. Sometimes you just have to be blunt.

    Unless you secretly like the attention. If so, do nothing.

    Nothing will change, if you don't do something differently.

  3. No you didn’t, you’ve been married for two months and are already wanting to stick you dick in other people.

    You’re also so young that you’re brain hasn’t fully developed yet, trust me what you want now vs what you want in a few years will be wildly different.

  4. By breaking up with her, and telling her you want to remain friends after a couple weeks apart to process.

  5. I was wondering why somebody would say that. And what they would be aiming at.

    Absolutely! Isolation and control.

  6. Yeah that’s pretty telling that she isn’t actually sweet. A sweet person would have that conversation in a way that didn’t ruin their event or the possibility of ever actually having a relationship. She nuked your long term potential. You’ll either have to pick her or your family. A sweet person who actually cares about you wouldn’t put you in this spot.

  7. Sometimes we need to initiate even if at the time we don’t really feel horny. That’s the effort you gotta put into it and that, if the roles were reversed, you’d expect from him.

  8. It doesn’t matter. No one said she was cheating on you, did they? Why would you be “swinging” mad about your wife having a life before you? It makes no sense.

  9. Sorry to hear but I'd say you dodged a bullet there. If your SO who you were going to marry breaks off this fast, without talking or giving any kind of reason, over some 'friend', there wasn't much love involved on her side. it sounds very much like she just waited for a chance to jump boat and make it your 'fault'.


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