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14 thoughts on “VICTORIA online webcams for YOU!

  1. This also seems like an abusive relationship. He mocks your trauma and calls it humor, and he's actively cheating on you. Honestly, for some people sex is incredibly important in a relationship, but if you were not ready for that, he should have just moved on. It sounds like you need to work through your trauma and not be in a relationship. It just seems counterproductive in this case. But I'm not a therapist and this is just my opinion. Either way, I think you should leave this guy as he is only adding to your trauma.

  2. Meeting in person? Or other stuff? Meeting in person also has a bunch of different things. Like “Oh hey, I'm going to super-megorama-con, you going too? Oh cool, we should say hi at the food court” is a lot different than trying to get someone alone. That said, you know what you're comfortable with, and if you're not comfortable, don't do it!

    I used to drive my kiddo to do Pokémon Go! raids and we met a bunch of folks of all sorts of different ages, also through the model rocketry club, etc., and none of it ever got weird. Conversations were always appropriate, nobody invaded anyone's personal space, etc.

  3. Tbh theres not much u can do. Im going through a similar situation where my gfs parents are v toxic.

    Advice given to me was basically therapy and call cps which is like using a wrecking ball to seperate two legos

    The best u can really do is comfort him, be there for him. I have a friend i vent to abt her parents and it helps me stay sane.

  4. Been NC with my parents for 2.5 years.

    Blocked them, changed my number, moved on.

    One of them emailed me once. I printed out her email and kept it as a reminder of why I'm NC with her. But I never replied. No matter how many times they tried to contact me and what avenues they used, I never replied.

    Eventually they stopped altogether.

    ANY reply is going to make them continue, bc now they know if they pester you naked enough they'll get a response out of you.

    Don't respond.

  5. I don't think that he would ever consider cheating.

    Sorry, but he's already cheating – at least emotionally. He may not even be aware of it himself, but that's exactly what he's doing. If he is aware of it, at least to a degree, he may be trying to incorporate her into your relationship to make it seem less…. threatening.

    So i don't know if I am just overthinking things.

    Nope, you're getting the heebies for a valid reason.

  6. The person who you know about lives far away. Do you know that he’s the only one? How would you know that?

  7. Hardly sounds like sex is convenient for anybody in this situation, everytime they bang there is a 30% chance he gets injured that would put pressure on anybody.

    This isn't a matter of sexual incompatibility, this is actually a medical condition that can be treated medically and does all the time. He might lose some sensitivity but at least everytime he has sex afterwards he doesn't risk TEARING HIS DICK!

  8. No, this is bad. He I’d love bombing you. It will happen again, simply in a different approach. Please do not trust him

  9. They had me up until the multiple home break ins. That's way too airport bookstore thriller novel.

  10. I think apologies are great, especially combined with genuine change but they don't always fix everything. So, yes you apologized maybe even learned to accept no in the future but it can't erase the impression she now has of you.

  11. That was when he thought he had to behave that way to win you. You’ve shown him you’ll tolerate way less and put up with far more nonsense, what reason does he have to put more energy into being better for you?

    He’s shown you who he is most comfortable being. Believe him and stop wishing for the show he was previously putting on for your benefit.


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