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7 thoughts on “VICTORIA

  1. Considering all the available fuck boys she could show her tips to.. she's a fucking weirdo for doing that without your boyfriends consent.

    I wouldn't claim someone who sexually assaulted my best friend.. you should probably fix that.

  2. From what you're saying it seems that he's trying very hot. Money isn't the issue and no kids so you have time to work it out and support him till he fixes his shit. The qn is whether you've alr mentally checked out and wna find another guy. Deep down you should know. Also, every rs has a timeline , 3 yr , 5yr and 10yr mark or smth. These points are when things turn to shit and couples either push through it or they break. Read it up

  3. That is true ! But if i take probably two weeks to make up my mind. .. that’ll probably be it .. i don’t believe she’s be around and i don’t blame her

  4. Too many of these answers are beating around the bush. And looking at someone's phone after sketchy behavior and something being off if isn't great, but it is what it is. Don't let her use that to deflect from the issue at hand.

    Tell her directly that her attitude has been off for a while. And why did she Uber to Harry's house at 3:30 am? I'd want direct, no-nonsense answers. And for me, ubering to a guys house in the middle of the night for 2 hours is cheating whether they really did anything or not. You have a lot of time invested in this relationship, so I understand not wanting to blow it up. But do you want to spend more time with someone who doesn't respect you . Good luck.

  5. Break up with him.

    Relationships shouldn’t be this difficult, this early on. You’re wasting your time.


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