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  1. Check out r/asoneafterinfidelity (for those trying to make it work) and r/survinginfidelity (for those that it didn’t work).

    But in general cheaters can change if they recognize that lying to others is hurtful and they regret the hurt they caused, that they uncover the underlying emotional need behind the cheating (feeling lonely but afraid to tell the partner, ego boost, to get secret revenge, lost connection but don’t know how to fix it so seeking it with someone else…) and find a better way to meet that need moving forward. Your guy, sounds like he still uses emotional or physical cheating as a way to cope with something in his life, and him hiding it, minimizing it, and lying about it shows that he doesn’t have another way to cope with whatever that underlying need is, so in his case, even if he hasn’t cheated yet, he’s not someone who you can yet trust not to cheat.

  2. Sorry that you’re going through this. It hurts and I know the feeling. Coming here for advice means that you still love your wife.

    I wouldn’t go straight to divorce or separation if you still love her. There maybe a way to salvage the marriage if you are both willing to make compromises.

    First thing is first, What the problem could be is that you’ve not set firm boundaries with your wife and she feels she can make new male friends whilst being married. This is not okay especially to make a new best friend whilst being married (more understandable if it was before the marriage). Best friend should be your husband/ wife as priority. Secondly, it is not ok especially if they are talking on multiple social media apps including Snapchat. Through their communication she has built an emotional bond with her work friend and slowly replacing you with him and he’s enjoying it at the expense of your marriage.

    You can see the signs already in the difference in kissing and lack of sex. These are signs that are already telling you that all is not well. Tagging you along is because you are the security (the good guy), keeping you is an insurance policy. She’s out having fun with other men whilst you’re working from home being faithful to someone who disrespects you.

    You need to come out from this space, put firm boundaries, tell her off if need be, she just needs to be put in her place then she will not walk all over you. If you are not happy about something put your foot down otherwise you can watch another man fuck your wife. There is no reason she has to go to his house, absolutely none whatsoever. Let her know it doesn’t run in your house.

    If she steps over your boundaries then you have your answer she doesn’t respect you and in that case focus on yourself king and move on.

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  4. I don’t know the full story of what really happened. Sure, scammers are clever and deceptive, but why send money? The search itself is bad enough. Even that search is emotional betrayal. So, see a marriage counselor first. Find ways to rebuild trust. Be patient. And she still might leave you.

    We online in a dangerous world of live! temptations, so if you haven’t had a discussion about the rules for live behavior, do it now.

  5. Your wife has said no on more than one occasion. No is a complete sentence. Trying to force her into doing something simply because you feel that your desires are more important than your marriage, your family and her autonomy makes you a weapons grade cunt. Be a better human being.

  6. Let me explain what he's actually saying.

    He is not forcing you to do anything. But if you want to be with him and have peace, you need to comply with his wishes. If you don't want to do that, you need to break up. You are free to make whatever decision you like.


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