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  1. Agree. It’s weird that she made this grand disclosure to him and set up a lot of tension. She should have played it cool and let things happen or not.

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  3. Yeah, it sounds like he's purposely making you feel insecure about your vagina so he doesn't have to do any foreplay.

    Also please please please, stop using soap to wash down there. It can cause infections and what not because you're fucking up the PH balance. Just use water, nothing else, to wash down there.

  4. His mother is there. You do not have to stay at his bedside round the clock anymore. You can still visit but go home. Actions have consequences.

  5. If my girl said those things to me I would be out too.

    I have no interest in an open relationship, or holding someone back. I simply would bow out.

    You are justified in your feelings.

    You say you have no interest but clearly you do, you’re making a very well written Reddit post about her.

    Maybe that’s you protecting yourself as you know deep down she may never be what you need out of a spouse.

    Naked to give advice because I would never entertain an open relationship.

  6. No. Any reasonable human would cease pursuit when it was made obvious the other party wasn't interested. It's not like they're delivering these lines with a wink or other ambiguous behavior, and oftentimes, being frank and honest will only enrage them. Idc if I'm telling a thousand misleading lies so long as it gets the creep and me in different locations. Yes, being direct is preferable when it's safe to be so; it's not always safe, though, and victim blaming because the victim isn't direct enough is not the solution. Ladies, gents, and whomever else has the misfortune of being hounded by a horny creep: you go on and say whatever the hell you need to say to get safe. The universe can sort out the morals of lying or misleading while you continue to be alive and not traumatized.

  7. There is no solution to your question because you are asking how to make your husband stop being abusive.

    The answer is there’s nothing you can do to make him stop.

    The only thing you can do is leave.

    I’m sorry you’re going through this. You don’t deserve to be treated this way. I also wanted you to know that abuse victims often don’t speak out because they feel ashamed of the way they’re being treated. That’s exactly why he does it—the more isolated you become, the harder it is to leave.

  8. Considering that wills can be disputed he’s potentially setting up very little to be distributed if it has to go to court between the siblings especially if you both can’t come to an agreement. 1/3 is clear and fair. If his child got half and your children had to split the other half, your children have every right to contest it in court and I think they should.

    Since you make more, consider bringing up splitting the equity by parent. His child is entitled to his contributions and your children are contributed to yours. No mixing. Of course this can make property a little bit more difficult to manage after one parent passes but the children will be entitled to their fair share from their respective bio-parent.

  9. yeah it seems odd that she has the list still when we’ve been together for almost half a year now without seeing anyone else. What importance does the list have other than for her to reminisce on good sexual encounters with previous guys. I’m telling you if i was a shit rating on that list too. like either meh or one of the worst i would be losing my mind. “what if i’m not good enough, what if she misses bigger dick, what if she wants to go back to one of those guys etc.” i’m a huge overthinker and that’s something i need to work on but at the very least i can know that our sex life will never be an issue because i’m apparently “the best” or the “highest rating”. the dishonesty just sits weird with me and the list rubs me the wrong way

  10. He should be responsible for maintenance anyway though since he's the only one currently who would benefit off a sale.

    Which is why charging rent in this situation is helpful to OP's boyfriend. I don't believe OP is able to shell out thousands for when the HVAC system needs replaced or, lord forbid, new plumbing is needed.

    Because she's his partner and her loves her and benefits from her company?

    I'm sure they do love each other. I mean, they say they've been together for a couple years or so. Realistically, like I said before, the rent he is charging her will help when the additional wear and tear of another individual in the home inevitably catches up to them.

    This would be way worse if this is the case. Don't test your partner.

    I believe you're taking this the wrong way or too personal.


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