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10 thoughts on “Violet_joyce live! sex cams for YOU!

  1. This is crazy. You need to do a few things:

    First, (and I can't stress this enough) learn how to use commas and periods. Get therapy if you have to, or a tutor, but do it.

    Second, wtf? RUN!! You are dating an addict. Not just an addict, but a -suck a dick for drugs- addict. You do not need to “save” her. If she gets clean she has to do it for herself, not for you.

    Third, once you do the first and second thing, come back and rewrite this thing, with what you have learned from 1 and 2.

  2. Pay attention to the people who watch it// sexualize their family members (especially their own kids) weirdooooosossssss

  3. yeah, i would say we’re pretty happy, we’re in a good place and he takes care of me. i just am conflicted :/

  4. Op, leaving is the right call. I will say confidently that this man will hurt you in the future, he is presenting so many giant red flags. I feel like I'm watching a horror movie begin. This is how it starts. You're doing the right thing, and you are not the problem.

  5. Just leave. In three months she has already lied to you and clearly has shit decision making skills. She cheated on her last boyfriend. If she was actually raped then I feel bad for her of course, but that doesn't change every single other thing she's done. It's not worth it. Don't let this girl be the next partner to cheat on you, assuming she hasn't already.

  6. I mean, she said in the post that it was ex’s mom who started the whole thing, so not a stretch

  7. My petty answer; – pack your shit – be gone by the time she comes back – leave her framed photos of the evidence

  8. You describe his friend as the extremely misogynistic one, but you don’t see your boyfriend the same way?


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